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I am going to answer my own question. I have found this site very helpful and hope I can contribute something to help others. I just purchased this car and did so on my son's advice. He is a police officer and drives a Ford Crown Victoria at work. He told me about the safety rating, gas mileage and comfort. He did not tell me all the little problems that went along with owning a Ford product! The used car I purchased is a one owner, well kept automobile from an older couple. I don't think they even knew that the transmission was "chattering" some at speeds of 31-43 mph. I didn't recognize it until sometime after I purchased the car. When I did realize I had a problem I kept thinking that this felt like either an electrical problem or I had this vague feeling of being familiar with the sound. I owned a GMC Suburban and when it was only a few years old I had all the fluids changed for a long family vacation, even the rear end. During the trip, while pulling a large travel trailer, the right rear tire began to "chatter" around corners and finally almost seized up. I was really worried about the large bill for repairs but a kindly soul in a small town listened to my story and told me to go to a GM parts house and purchase a small bottle of additive for Limited slip rear ends (which he had discovered I had on my truck). The problem was solved instantly with a $6.00 bottle of additive. I kept telling people that would look at my Mercury that this felt the same way and that this car did have some sort of limited slip. Finally an older mechanic with his own transmission shop listened, drove the car and sent me for a bottle of GM limited slip additive. He said that the torque converter was made from the same materials and in very much the same way as a limited slip rear end. He said if the additive worked, then to drive it for a few hundred miles, have the transmission flushed and add another bottle of additive from GM. The problem was solved instantly from the first time I added the small bottle of additive. The mechanic is pleased and thought that the torque converter was the problem. If I have not had prior damage to the transmission, my problem should be solved for many miles to come.

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Q: What would cause a 1996 Mercury Grand Marquis LS to feel like it is running over speed bumps when driving between 38-43 miles per hour?
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