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we would only have one season

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Q: What would happen if The Earths axis was horizontal rather than vertical.?
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What is the opposite of vertical?

Horizontal (side-to-side) is the "opposite" or rather the perpendicular to vertical (up and down).

Why are high capacity pumps usually in a vertical position rather than a horizontal position?

This is not always true. High velocity pumps can be found in horizontal configurations too. It all depends on the application (sometimes the manufacturer) whether it will be a horizontal of vertical pump.

How do they know the plumb line is vertical?

Use of a plumb bob a level used on plumb rather then horizontal

Is vertical an adjective?

Yes, it is. It means in an upright position or alignment. The vertical direction is perpendicular to the horizontal, i.e. up and down rather than side to side.

How we Identify the damages caused by earthquake?

Look for structural changes, like building is now horizontal rather then vertical.

What conotes vertical line and horizontal line in management?

If you mean in regard to organizational charts, the vertical lines represent the hierarchy who reports to whom, while the horizontal lines represent lateral or peer associations rather than chain of command.,

Why would you use a vertical bar graph rather than a horizontal bar graph?

No particular reason. They are equally effective.

Is horizontal an adjective?

Yes. It is a form of the noun horizon. It refers to the dimension that is parallel to the Earth's surface (i.e. sideways) rather than vertical (up and down).

Why is a world map have more distortion?

It doesn't account for the curvature of the world. The latitude and longitude are horizontal and vertical lines parallel to each other rather than intersecting at the poles

What type of cave is the cave of swallows BESIDES pit?

pit cave, shaft cave or vertical cave. it is a type of natural cave which contains one or more significant vertical shafts rather than being predominantly a conventional horizontal cave passage

What do you use when the table direction is horizontal or across the worksheet?

Assuming you're asking about page orientation... If the information is spread more sideways than vertical, you would set the page to landscape rather than portrait.

How do you make a line plot using fractions?

A line plot can be made using fractions. Just use fractions rather than whole numbers or other data to mark the scales of the horizontal axis and vertical axis

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