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The light wouldn't go on unless just the neutral was cut and there was a separate ground.

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Q: What would happen if a wire is cut between the wall switch and ceiling light?
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Where is expedition light switch on rear hatch?

The light switch is located above the hatch door ceiling.

Why does dimmer switch cause ceiling light to make noise?


Can I get my ceiling fan to turn on and off by using the light switch?

Yes. Simply turn on the ceiling fan while the light switch is in the "on" position. Adjust the spinning to the level of your choice. Now the fan will turn on and off when you switch the light on and off.

Where is the dome light switch on a 2004 Saturn Vue?

On the centre of the ceiling (light for rear section)

Why don't I get power at ceiling fan when I have power at light switch?

Check the wire. It must have been broken in between

Can you control a ceiling fan with a dimmer switch that controls a light fixture?

not orden araly

What is ceiling light?

A light that is mounted on the ceiling.

My ceiling fan speed is stuck on high I am wondering if you can wire a voltage regulating switch that will allow you to vary ceiling fan speeds without damaging motor or causing other problems?

Light dimmer switch is okay for ceiling fan.

Can a pull chain switch be added to a ceiling light that has a wall switch?

Yes, but the light switch has to be on all the time. To do it permanently remove the switch and wire nut the two wires that were on the switch together. Be sure to put a blank switch plate cover over the switch box.

You have three 3-way switches operating 3 ceiling lights you want each switch to operate each single light What do you do?

wire each switch to each light...

What causes the halogen light in the ceiling to go on and off?

Well the light switch on the wall will make and break the electrical connection, making the light go on and off.

Why does your ceiling fan light fixture flicker when off?

The most likely cause is a fault in the switch. Replace the switch and the problem will most likely disappear.

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