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If there were only 1 prize, then 1/2500.

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Q: What would the probability if you bought 1 winning ticket out of 2500?
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How many much money will she have after she bought a ticket and the ticket cost 36.75?

It depends on how much money she had before she bought the ticket? If she started with £50.00, then 50.00 − 36.75 = 13.25 Therefore: her change would have been: £13.25

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I would guess that the entries are sorted by number. You can use that fact to check the number of the ticket you bought - similar to the way you search for a name in the phone book.

If a person purchases 15 of 3000 tickets sold in a raffle that awards one prizewhat is the probability that this person not win?

The chances of winning would be 15/3000 or 1 in 200 (or 0.5%). That means the probability of NOT winning is 99.5 %

What is the probability of winning the prize on those surveys you get at the bottom of receipts?

Actually , all it depends on luck. Most of such surveys declare winner through lucky draw so all of the candidates have equal probability of winning prizes. So, I would suggest you that you should try your luck in such prize winning survey.

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Either way you are buying 5 tickets out of 500. That means that the probability of winning is 5/500 = 1/100 = 1%

Can you send in your non winning OHIO lottery ticket for prizes?

You can send it. It would, however, be a waste of everyone's time.

Should you win the lottery?

If you felt that winning the lottery was impossible, there would be little sense in buying a lottery ticket.

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probably not; but check the airline to be surel continental for example would say : ....on ticket bought AFTER x day y month you're welcome! :)

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Yes they did. They bought a ticket just as you would today to ride a train.

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