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Q: What would you do if I given a chance to be with me?
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What would you do if i Given a chance to be invisible?

i would scare people

If you were given a chance to be with God what would you do?

Wake him up.

If you were given a chance to be cloned would you dare?

i wouldn't

If you were given a chance to travel somewhere where would it be?

I would travel to Paris!

If you are given the chance would you like to be an immigrant to some foreign country or would you prefer staying in the Philippines?

well,if i am given the chance to be an immigrant i prefer to stay in my own country.

What is the chance that a couples offspring would be a boy?

For any given child, the chance is very close to 1/2, or 50%.

If given the chance would you rule the world?

Get all the atom bomb and attack mars

If you were given a chance to be a president, How would you give equal opportunity to every citizen?


If you would be given the chance to become the president of the Philippines how would you handle the poor educational system in our country?

If i given a chance to become a presedint i will handle the educational system in our country bcoz of the eyes of many people education is a key to succes

If given the chance to defend your country against terrorist or enemies of the state would you be willing to do so?


What actors and actresses appeared in Given Our Chance - 2013?

The cast of Given Our Chance - 2013 includes: Izidor Ruckel

Isn't a baby who is taken in right away given a chance to be OK?

This question needs clarification. Generically speaking, yes: the baby would be 'given' a chance to be ok in pretty much any situation. Being taken in where, though?