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The answer to ten divided by 0.5 then add seven is 27.

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Q: What would you get if you divided ten by a half and add 7?
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What is thirty divided by half and add ten?

70: 30 divided by 1/2=60+10=70 trick: not 30 divided by 2

Divide 30 by 12 and add 10 What is the answer?

12.5? or "what". Did you mean "Divide thirty by half and add ten?"? Then the answer would be seventy.

Thirty divided by half then added to ten is what?


Divide thirty by one half and add ten?

Half of 30 is 15 ... adding 10 would then equal 25. 30/2=15 + 10 = 25 Trick half is .5...not one half of thirty. So 30 divided by .5 is 60. Plus 10 would make the answer 70...

Divide 30 by half and add ten?


What could you add to 542 to make it divisible by ten divisible by five and divisible by eight?

you would add 8-making the number 550.550 divided by 10 is 55

What is the answer to ten divided by one half?

10/(1/2) = 20

What is ten and one half divided by two and one third?


Divide 40 by half and add ten What do you get?

The answer is 90. Dividing in half is also same as multiplying it by 2. Then you add 10, you'll get 90.

Can 75 be divided in ten groups?

No, but if you add 5 to 75. It is 80. So you can divided 80 and 10. The answer is 10.

Three over ten divided by four and one half?


2 and half kilograms of cherries divided among ten baskets?


What is 5 divided by 10?


Divide 30 by half and add ten What do you get?

Half is the same thing as .5 so you divide 30 by .5 and you get 60 then you add 10 so it is 70. TADA!!!

What is the one half divided by five over ten?

1/2 ÷ 5/10 = 1

Divide 30 by half and then add ten what do you get?

30/0.5=60 60+10=70

What is ten billion divided by ten million?

Ten billion divided by ten million is one thousand.

Canada is divided into ten what?

Canada is divided into ten provinces.

What is half of ten?

Half of ten is 5.

What do you get when you divide 30 by a half and add 10?


What number divided by three is equal to two plus ten?

First, add two plus ten together. That number is 12. Then do the opposite function that you did earlier, which would be multiplying by 3. 12 times 3 is 36, so the answer is 36.

Divide thirty by half and add ten What is the answer?

Seventy. 30 / .5 = 60; 60 + 10 = 70.

What is one and a half of ten?

15 since 1/2 of 10 is 5 and then you add that to 10=15

You only have half a ten dollar bill what can you do with it?

If you mean a ten dollar bill ripped in half than absolutely nothing. No place would accept it.

How do you write ten and five tenths as a decimal number?

ten and five tenths is the same thing as ten and one half its 10.5 or 10.50 it dose not matter if u add a zero