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Shorten its length to the same size as its width.

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Nothing. A square is a type of rectangle.

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Q: What would you have to change in a rectangle to make a square?
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Why is a square a rectangle but a rectangle is not a square?

a rectangle doesn't have four equal sided measurements, which is the definition of a square. also it can take one or more squares to make a rectangle but u can't make a rectangle into a square.

Is a rectangle a special type of square?

yes, because if you cut the rectangle in half it would make 2 squares

What would you have to change in a rectangle to make it a square?

All four sides must be equal so you would have to either increase the width until it equals the length, or decrease the length until it equals the width.

What does a square and a square make?


If using exactly two triangles what shape will that make?

The two triangles would make either a square or a rectangle.

If you cut a rectangle in half does it make a square?

No. There is no way you can cut one rectangle in half and only get one square. The other half would also have to be a square and this will only happen if the proportions are 1:2 and you cut the long sides.There are infinitely many ways to cut a rectangle in half none of which result in new rectangles. Only if the rectangle has proportions 1:2 can cutting it in half make a square, in fact the result could be two squares, not one.

If you fold a polygon half twice to make a rectangle what would the polygon look like?

the polygon would be a square

What shapes can you make out of two triangles?

You can make a square, a rhombus, a parrallelogram, a kite, a rectangle, and a trapezoid. If you were to make all these shapes out of two triangles, you would have to have different sized triangles for most of them. If you put the bottoms of both of them together, it will make a diamond shape. But they would have to be the same size.

Can you make a square that is not a rectangle?


Why isn't a rectangle always a square?

All four sides of a square have the same length. This is an additional condition, additionally to the conditions that make a rectangle a rectangle.

How do you maximize the area given the perimeter?

In the case of a rectangle, you would maximize the area given the perimeter by making the dimensions equal. In other words, you would make the rectangle into a square. However, to truly maximize the area, you would make the perimeter a perfect circle.

How do you make two squares with 11 straws?

You take 6 and make a rectangle which is a square and take one of the 5 sticks break it in 2 to make 6 which you can make another square or rectangle easy

What shape does it make when you put two square together?

a rectangle or square

What is a non-square rectangle?

a rectangle is a 4 sided polygon where all the angles are right angles and the opposite sides haveequal length. So a square is a rectangle. But take a rectangle that meets the definition I gave and make the 4 sides NOT the same length. Opposite sides are still the same, but all four sides are not the same so it is not a square. This is a non-square rectangle.

Is a square always a rectangle and rhombus?

Yes, a square is a specific type of rectangle or rhombus. The only qualifications for a rectangle are that the corners have the make 90 degree angles and the sides have to be parallel, any square meets those qualifications.

What does two square shapes make?

A rectangle.

Can two rectangles make a square?

if length of a rectangle is double of its width then such two reactangles make a square....

Can two triangles be put together to make a square or rectangle?

yes a square

Why arn't all rectangular pyramids square pyramids?

A pyramid is named after the base of the pyramid.As not all rectangles are squares, only those rectangles which are (also) squares would make a rectangular pyramid a square pyramid.A rectangle is only a square if it is regular, ie all sides are the same length.So a rectangle 2 x 3 is not a square, and so a pyramid with this base would be a rectangular pyramid.However, a 4 x 4 rectangle is a square, and a pyramid with this base would be a square pyramid.

What shape has the largest volume?

A square. Think of a square and rectangle, a square can have L:4 W:4 A rectangle can have a L:8 W:2, area wise these 2 are equal at 16. When you find the perimeter, the rectangle adds up to 20 while the square is only 16. When you make the perimeter equal which is making the square sides equal to 5, that would make the area of the square increase to 25 now instead of 16. When you add a height to it, lets say 5, the volume would increase to 125 while the rectangle with equal perimeter and same height would only equal only 80. You can compare this with any other shape.

Can a trapezium have 3 right angles?

No, if a trapezium had three right angles, it would mean the fourth angle would have to be 90 degrees. That would make it a square or a rectangle.

What two shapes make a rectangle?

Two square's

Does a square and 2 triangles make a rectangle?

yes it does

Can 2 triangles and a square make a rectangle?


Can any two triangles put together make a square or a rectangle?

can two triangles put together make a square