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a centimeter

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Q: What would you use to measure the circomference of a juice glass?
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What unit would you use to measure the amount of juice in a glass?


How much juice can you pour into a glass?

I believe that one glass is equal to 250 ml.

What would you do if your juice glass filled to the brim?

I would stick my mouth in the center of the glass and sip for about 15-20 seconds and then your glass won't be filled to the brim

How many liters in a glass of orange juice?

Glasses are not all of the same size, but a typical glass of orange juice would be about a third of a liter.

Can you drink Apple cider vinegar with lemon juice in a glass of water after a meal-?

You can drink apple cider vinegar with lemon juice in a glass of water after a meal. I would suggest mixing it in juice or a powdered drink mix for better taste.

Would you measure the juice in a cup in pints or cups?

8 cups

What unit would you use to measure the height of a drinking glass?

Glass of water

How many ml is equivalent in 1 glass of calamansi juice?

A glass, in this context, is normally regarded as half a pint. Which is 10 fluid ounces in imperial measure and 8 fluid ounces in the US. That would equate to about 284 millilitres or about 237 millilitres depending on what system you use.

What units would you measure the thickness of a glass pane?


What would you use to measure a volume of a glass?

You can use a measuring cup or a graduated cylinder to measure the volume of a glass. Simply fill up the glass with water and then pour it into the measuring cup or graduated cylinder to determine the volume.

How would you measure the volume of juice in a small cup?

With measuring spoons, as in picture

What units would you use to measure a glass of water?

That depends what aspect of the glass of water you want to measure: its height, its volume, its mass, its index of refraction, etc.