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Adding one century, that is, 100 years, to 1789, gives 1889.

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Q: What year came one century after 1789?
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What year came exactly one century after 1492?

The definition of "one century" is "100 complete years".One century after the morning of January 1, 1492 is the morning of January 1, 1592.

What year came one century after 1776?

I belive it is 1877, that's if my math is correct. :P

What is one hundredth of a century?

One hundredth of a century is a year.

What century is the 1900s?

The century that ran from 1900 to 1999 is known as the 20th century (on the principle that the first century was the one that ran from the year one to the year 99). The current century, in the year 2009 as I type, is known as the 21st century.

In leap year and century which is longer?

A century is made of 100 years. That is longer than one year, whether it is a normal year or a leap year.

How many years are in 1 100 of a century?

There is one year in 1/100 of a century.

What percent of a century is one year?

One percent. There are 100 years in a century. So, one year is 1/100 (one one-hundreth) of a century, or 1%.

What year was one century after 1848?

1948. A century is one hundred years.

How is it the 21st century 15 teachers explained it 2 me and i still dont get it how?

Right... Year one is exactly what it says on the tin... Yes ? And it is in the first century, was it not ?....... yes it was. So what year was it before year one ? What century was it last year, before the first century ? No ! it was not the year 0 or 0 century was it ! Therefore this is the 21st century: If we had a 0 century then it would be the 20th, but there was no such thing ! huh?! There was no year 0 or 0th century....

What year was one century after year 1846?


What year was the three constitution each was adopted?

There is not three constitutions, but one. It was approved May 1789.

In 2010 are you still in the 21 century?

Yes a century is a one hundred year period. The last year of the 21st century is 2099.