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What year was Benjamin lasnier born?

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Q: What year was Benjamin lasnier born?
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What is the biography of Benjamin lasnier?

He is a Boy Belieber. He was be born on April 2, 1999. He is cute, sweet,beautiful....... His facebook is Benjamin Lasnier.

When is Benjamin Lasnier born?

He was born on 2 April 1999..

Where is Benjamin lasnier born along?

vejle, DENMARK

How old is Benjamin Lasnier?

Benjamin Lasnier is 18 years old (birthdate April 1, 1999).

Where he lives Benjamin lasnier?

Benjamin Lasnier lives in Veile, Denmark. His exact address is not made public.

Is Benjamin lasnier gay?


What is Benjamin lasnier kik?

that is benjaminlasnier1999

Is Benjamin lasnier hot?


Have Benjamin lasnier a girlfriend?

He got a girlfriend but he dont like to tell it in the public! Answer from:Friend with Lasnier

How tall is Benjamin lasnier?

He's 5'4

What is Benjamin Lasnier skype name?


What language does Benjamin lasnier speak?

Danish and english

When was Rina Lasnier born?

Rina Lasnier was born on 1915-08-06.

What is Benjamin lasnier cell phone number?


What is Benjamin lasnier phone number?


When did Rina Lasnier die?

Rina Lasnier died on 1997-05-09.

What year was she born miriam Benjamin?

she was born in 1992, 20 august

What year was Benjamin Britten born?

Benjamin Britten was born in Lowestoft, England, on November 22, 1913 - St. Cecilia's Day.

What year was Benjamin franklin born?

January 17, 1706

What year was Benjamin fanklin born on?

If you meant Benjamin Franklin (the founding father), his birthdate was January 17, 1706.

When was Benjamin Benjamin born?

Benjamin Benjamin was born on 1834-09-02.

When did Benjamin Franklin discover surface tension?

same year you were born weenie

What year was Benjamin Franklin born on?

Benjamin Franklin was born on January 17, 1706 on Milk Street in Boston, Massachusetts. He died on April 17, 1790 at his home in Philadelphia

Name the month day and year Benjamin Franklin was born?

Benjamin Franklin was born on January 17, 1918 in Boston, Massachusetts. He died on April 17, 2001 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

What year did Benjamin S Duran die?

He was born in 1939, as of 2004 he was still alive.