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Alex Constancio was born on July 11, 1995. As of 2013, he is 18 years old.

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Q: What year was alex constancio born in?
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How old is Alex Constancio?

Alex Constancio is 21 years old (born July 11, 1995).

How tall is Alex Constancio?

Alex Constancio is 5'6. Hope it helpedd. (:

Will Alex constancio date a fan?

hey alex constancio do you date your fanes

Where was Alex constancio born?

La Vernia,TX 78121

Who is Alex Constancio dating?

Sarah Wright :)

When is Alex Constancio birthday?

July 11th, 1995

Does Alex Constancio have a brother named Andrew?


Where alex constancio live?

La Vernia, Tx

Who is Austin mahone's best friend?

Alex Constancio

What is Austin mahone best friend?

Alex Constancio.

Did alex constancio and Sarah wright break up?


Who is alex constancio?

Alex Constancio is an internet celebrity and the best friend of Austin Mahone and has thousands of followers on Twitter and Instragram. Austin Mahone launched a popular YouTube channel with Robert Villanueva.

Is Sarah wright dating anyone?

yes she is dating alex constancio

Who is the boy in the rebeca blacks' music video?

Alex Constancio

Is Austin mahone and alex constancio brothers?

Nooo,they are Best Friends (:

What is alex constancio favorite food?

Alex Constancio's faverite food is ice cream, and the flavor is vanilla.

When was Constancio C. Vigil born?

Constancio C. Vigil was born on 1876-09-04.

What religon is Alex constancio?

The one which believes in a man in a cloud with magical powers

Are Austin Mahone and Alex Constancio Dating?

Noo! They are both single and straight!

Are Austin mahone and alex constancio still friends?

yes they are still friends

When was Constancio de Guzman born?

Constancio de Guzman was born on November 11, 1903, in Guiguinto, Bulacan, Philippines.

Are Austin mahone and Alex constancio related?

No, they are best friends though. Alex has 2 other brothers Andrew and Adam

Who are Austin mahone best friends?

sorry i only know one: ALEX CONSTANCIO

What is matty b's oldest brothers name?

austin or alex or jake but i am 12 and mattyb's is cute but austin carter mahone and alex constancio are so sexy and i know everything about austin and alex and i am a true mahone HATERS GONNA HATE MAHOMIES GONNA LOVE <3 you mattyb and austin mahone and alex constancio

What did Austin mahone get discovered on?

Youtube. He started off making Youtube videos with his bestfriend, Alex Constancio.