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Roc Royal was born 1997 July 23

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Q: What year was roc royal born?
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What is the year roc royal was born?

roc royal was born July 23rd 1997

What is roc royal year of birth?

Roc Royal was born July 23, 1997

What year was roc royal was born of mindless behavior?


What year was roc royal from mindless behavior born in?


What is the year that roc royal from mindless behavior born?


What month was roc royal born from mindless behavior?

roc royal was born in july

What day was roc royal born on?

Roc Royal waz born on July 23,1997

When is roc royal?

roc royal or should i say roc royal the best one lol he was born on july 23

Where was Roc Royal born?

Roc Royal from Mindless Behavior was born in Los Angeles, California.

What year was prodigy born?

i dont know.but roc royal is super hot

Who does roc royal really go with in the year of 2012?

Will Roc Royal Date A 13 Year Old Girl In 2012

When was Roc Royal from MB born?

Roc Royal from Mindless Behavior was born:Wednesday,July 23,1997.

How old is roc royal age?

roc royal is 14.he was born on july 13 1997

Do roc royal have a GIRLFRIEND at this time of year?


Was roc royal once a girl?

No Roc Royal was never a girl he was born a a boy and he still is a boy .

What do roc royal do?

Roc Royal raps.

What is roc royal real age mindless behavior?

roc royal is 14 years old he was born in 1997

How old is Roc Royal?

Roc Royal (Chresanto August) is 19 years old. He was born on July 23, 1997.

How old is roc royal mindless 2011?

Roc royal will be 13 because he was born in July 23, 1997 he will not be 14

Is roc royal 16?

No Roc Royal is 15

What is roc royal facebook name?

roc royal

Is roc royal 14?

No roc royal is 15

Is roc royal married?

No, Roc Royal is not married.

What is Roc Royal's Facebook name?

its roc royal

What is Roc Royal's birth date?

Roc Royal birth date is July 23,1997 and he's 13 and is turning 14 this year. ;)