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What year was someone born who is 39?

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The age of someone who is 39, is 1976, Keep in mind todays date is May, 20th, 2013

2013-05-25 21:57:35
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Q: What year was someone born who is 39?
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If someone is 39 years old in what year were they born?

1976 + 39 = 2015

If someone was born in 1971 how old would they be in 2010?

you take the current year, and subtract the year they were born to get the answer. 2010 -1971 ------- 39

What year were you born if you are 39 in 2010?

1971. (2010-39 = 1971)

If your 39 what year were you born?


If im 39 years old what year was i born?

You were born in the year 1970.

What year would you be born in if you are 39?

1971 or 1972

How old are you in 2010 if you were born in 1971?

You simply subtract the year you were born from the current year/ For example: 2010-1971=39 so you would be 39 years old.

How old is someone born in jan 1974?

They will turn 39 in 2013.

If someone is 32 what year were they born in?

If someone is turning 32 in the year 2010, they were born in 1978.

If you are 45 what year were you born?

what year was someone born in if they were 45

If you were born January 1970 how old would you be?

39. a simple way to reach this answer would be to subtract the year born from the current year. which in this case gives you the age of 39 :D hope that helps

How old is someone born in 1972?

In 2012, this person will be 40 on the day of their birthday. As people are usually still referred to by their age of the last birthday, they would be 39 up to then. So if they are born late in the year, for most of the year they would be regarded as still being 39. Early in the year that would be even more accurate as their last birthday would have been quite recent. So if they were born in December 1972, in the early months of 2012 it would be more appropriate and accurate to say they are 39.

She was 39 years old when she died 30 bc what year was she born?

30 bc - 39 j =69 bc

How do you find out a year that someone was born on using a calculator?

Find out how old they are, and subtract that from the year it is. For example: If someone was 14 and the year was 2020, they were born on 2006.

What year was someone born if they were 63 in 2006?

Someone who is 63 in 2006 was born in 1943,

What year was someone born if they was 36?

Someone who turned 36 in 2013 was born in 1977.

How old is someone if they were born on December 11 1970?

If you were born December 11, 1970 you would have turned 39 in 2009.

If you were born in 1973 how old would you be?

Someone born in 1973 will turn 38 on his birthday in 2011, and 39 on his birthday in 2012.

How old would you be if you were born December 4 1972?

This year is 2011, so 39 years old this year.

If someone turns 18 in the year 2012 what year was he born?

He would have been born in 1994.

Is someone born June 18th older than someone born September 28th?

Only if they were born in the same year.

What year would someone be born if they were 14 years old?

2012 - 14 = 1998 Answer. That someone who is 14 years old this year was born in 1998.

If someone is 19 what year were they born?

If they have already turned 19 this year (2010) they were born in 1991, if they will be 20 sometime this year they were born in 1990.

What year was someone born if they are 54 years old?

Someone turning 54 in 2013 was born in 1959.

How old is someone today if born in 1973?

On that person's birthday in 2012, [s]he turns 39 .