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early 70's

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โˆ™ 2005-06-14 11:07:44
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Q: What year was the three zero five introduced?
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When was Three-Five-Zero-Zero created?

Three-Five-Zero-Zero was created in 1968.

What is 9 minus five plus five times zero plus three?


How do you write 5.0003 in word form?

Five point zero zero zero three.

What is tvokids phone number?

Nine zero five- three seven four - four five seven zero

How do you wright 68.0035?

sixty eight point zero zero three five.

What is the word form of 000354?

zero zero zero three five four Or Three Hundred and Fifty Four

How do you say 0.35?

Zero point three five.

What is 65.0309 in words?

Sixty-five point zero three zero nine or sixty-five and three hundred and nine ten-thousandths

What are the first five of three that are greater than zero?


When was coke zero introduced?

Coca-Cola Zero was introduced by The Coca-Cola Company in 2004.

How do you spell twenty five 00000?

twenty five zero zero zero zero zero

How do you write 0.005 in word form?

Zero and five thousandths

How do you say 3.1605?

Three point one six zero five.

How do you spell 318.50?

three hundred eighteen point five zero

How do you write 0.351 in words?

zero point three five one

How do you write 3.056 in words?

Three point zero five six

What is 0.35 written in word form?

Zero point three five.

How many 1963 Ford Mustangs were made?

Zero. The Mustang was introduced mid year in 1964.

How would you write 0.055 in words?

point zero five five or zero point zero five five or fifty-five thousandths

How do you write 15.0015 in words?

There are lots of ways you could write it. Here are just three: One five point zero zero one five. Fifteen point zero zero one five. Fifteen and fifteen ten-thousandths.

Do you say 0 in the number 305?

You could, if you vocalised it as "three-oh-five" or "three-zero-five." However, it would be more usual to say "three hundred and five," in which case you would not say 0.

In which year the symbol '0' is introduced as zero?

The oldest known use of a large dot as zero was in 683 CE. It is not clear when the dot was hollowed out to a 0.

How do write 935012 in words?

Nine three five zero one two

How do you say 0.325 in word form?

Zero point three two five.

What is the value of five times zero decimal three?

5*0.3 = 1.5