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What year was tut born in?

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When waa King Tutankhamun born?

King Tut was born in the year of 1341 B.C.

When was Tin Tut born?

Tin Tut was born on 1895-02-01.

When was Tut Taylor born?

Tut Taylor was born on 1923-11-20.

When was Tut Imlay born?

Tut Imlay was born on 1902-03-20.

What year did king tut?

Tut ascended the Throne in 1333 B.C. !

What year did King Tut die?

King Tut died in 1323 B.C.

King Tutankhamun day of birth?

King Tut was born in the year 1341 BC. That is all that is known.

When was he tut born?


Where was tut born in?

He was born in the city of Ankhetaten.

What year was King Tutankhamun born on?

King Tut was born on 1941BC=before christ,so it;s going back intime he died at1923.

Why was King Tutankhamun cald tut?

"Tut" are short for Tutankhamon, which means "living image of Amon". He was born Tutankhaton.

Was King Tutankhamun a first born?

no because he was not the tut first born.

Who led crusade to recapture Jerusalem?

You did tut tut tut

How many exact years ago was King Tutankhamun born?

King Tut was born in 1341 BC.Here's the math:Counting backwards from his birth year, to zero equals 1,341 years.From zero to 2010 equals 2,010 years.Add the two together and you get 3,351,...meaning he was born 3,351 years ago, based on this answer being given in 2010.

Was tut born into royalty?

yes he was because his father was king

Who was born first Jesus or King Tut?

King Tut was born about 1341 B.C. That is before the birth of Jesus. However, Christians believe that Jesus existed before the world was made.

Why is there dirt in your overflow tank?

because you are stupid! tut tut tut!!

What year did King Tutankhamen die?

King Tuthe died around 1323BC

When did Tut become King?

He became king in the year 1333-1324 BC.

What year was King Tutankhamun's boumb discovored?

King Tut was discovered in 1922.

How can you correct the common eye defect?

Tut tut tut, should've gone to specsavers....

What are the release dates for Tut Tut King - 1923?

Tut Tut King - 1923 was released on: USA: 30 July 1923

Is lady gaga related to the Jonas brothers?

no of course not that was a silly question. tut tut tut

What year was King Tutankhamun invented?

King Tut is a king, he wasn't invented. He was a person.

When did King Tutankhamun die and was born?

king tut died in 1343 BC