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Q: What year would you be born in if you were 16 in 2011?
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What year would a 16 year old be born in when it is 2011?


If you were born in 1995 how old do you have to be to drive?

If you were born in 1995, you would need to be 16 to get your permit. The year would have to be 2011.

What if you just turned 16 on February of 2009 then what year were you born?

If you had turned 16 years old in 2009, you were born in 1993, and would be 18 in 2011.

What year were you born if you are 16 years old?


How old will tupac be in 2011?

As of the year 2011 2Pac would of been 40 years old. He was born June 16, 1971.

If you were born in 1995 how old will you be?

16 for this year 2011

If you are 16 what year were you born in?

As of 2014, you would have been born in 1998. A simple way to figure this out would be to take the current year and subtract 16 from it.

How old will you be if you was born in 1996?

If you were born earlier in the year, you would currently be 16. If you were born later in the year, you would be turning 16. (This is with a current date of 2012.)

What year were you born in if your 16?


How old would someone be in 2011 if they were born in 1994?

16 until their 2011 anniversary and then 17.

If you was born in 1995 how old are you?

2011 minus 1995 = 16. You would be 16 unless your birthday is after today, then you would still be 15.

What year was grayson chance born?

Greyson Chance was born in 1997 he will turn 14 on August 16 2011

What year is 16 years old?

If you're asking what year you would be born, you would be born in 1995 or 1994, depending on your birthday.

What year would you be born in if you wear 16?

If you are currently 16 and have not yet celebrated your birthday in 2010 you were born in 1993.

What age are you born in 1993?

at the end of the year you would be 16.

If your 16 what year were you born in?

As of 2018, you would have had to have been born in either 2001 or 2002.

What year would give you the age of 16?

A person born in 1997 will turn 16 in 2013.

If you were born on March 16 1993 how old would you be?

As of October 2011, someone born in March 1993 would be 18 years old.

How can you figure out how old you are?

You subtract the year you were born from the year it is now. Example: 2011-1996= 15

How old would you be is born October 16 1993?

A person born on October 16, 1993 would be 19 years old and on October 16, 2012 (This year) they would be 20 years old.

How would I be if I was born 1999?

If you were born in 1999 you would be 15 or 16 today, June 28th, 2015, depending on what day of the year you were born.

How old are you if you are born May 16 1996?

IF it's 2011 you would be 15 years in 1996;)

What year was Lil Trill born?

1994 he's 16 or if his birthday passed he's 17 now as of 2011.

What year would you be born if you are 16 years old in dec 2009?


What year would you have been born in if you have been alive for 1892160000 seconds?

Subtracting 1892160000 seconds from midnight on today, February 1, 2011, gives Friday, February 16, 1951.