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No, I am not an output in math.

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Q: What you an output in math?
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What does input and output mean in math?

The input means the problem and the output means the answer! [but not in math]

What is the output in math?

y. and x is the input.

What is a profit in math?

Non negative output

A picture of a input and output machine in math?

if one answer is 6 and the other answer is 7, how do the output numbers from the input/output machines compare

How do you do input and output in math?

Count up or down

What is a set of all output values?

In math, this is called the "range."

Which math ratio represents efficiency?

Efficiency = Output/Input.

What does function rule mean in math?

The rule of a function in math is what relates the input value to the output value. For example, if f(x) = x2, the "function rule" is to square the input value to get the output value.

What is math domin?

If you use an input output table, domain is the input.

Is range in math an output value?

in math, domain is the set of possible inputs to a function while range is the set of possible outputs.

How do you do functions in math as in output and input?

its hard but i think you can look in a book and find out

What does output mean using math terms?

The result of an input x of an equation; f(x)

What will be output current for 30KVA Isolation Transformer?

who knows 30kva means 30000 volts per ampere so if the output is 100 volts the amps will be 300 amps so do the math.

Is the input and output is like math?

Not necessarily. All things that are subject to processes - even the human body - have inputs and outputs.

What is the math definition of inputs?

An input is a number that you plug into an equation in order to get the result of another number (output).

What is a conjunction in math?

A conjunction is a mathematical operator that returns an output of true if and only if all of its operands are true.

How do you do in and out in math?

Assuming by in you mean input and out you mean output. Input is the value that goes in while the output is the value you receive. Between these terms is a rule, called the nth term that will always work to help you find the input/output. For example. Our input is 2, and our output is 10 the rule here could be the input multiplied by 5 equals the output, or it can be something extremely difficult and unfathomable even to a banker...

What does math have to do with lightning?

The probability of lightning striking any one spot, or the heat or light output of lightning. Maybe the number or volts.

What does output mean in math?

The output is generally an answer to an equation For example; given a = 2, and b = 5 the output to equation c = a + b is C = 7 out put is the amount of work applied with the use of machines or simple machines like pulleys and levers.

What is the answer to math superstars III uranus VII question 1?

for the function machine in probelm 7 what number was the input number for the output number 101

What is the math definition for input output tables?

A table in which you put in a number and out comes another number. Usually more than one groups of numbers. And almost ALWAYS follows a rule such as: Input x3=Output or Input -23= Output Input | Output 2 | 4 10 | 20 16 | 32 In this table you can see that the rule is Input x2 = Output Hope This helped!

How do we know that the input have one output or more in a function in math?

By definition. If one input has more than one outputs then it is not a function.

What are independent variables and dependent variables in math?

Independent variables are the input value of a function (usually x) and dependent variables are the output value of the function (usually y).

What is the difference between the output and output devices?

An output is a result of work of an output device.

What is math after math by lensey?