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Q: When I am at work my number one priority is?
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When you are at work your number one priority is?

To do as little amount of work possible while still getting payed :)

What is given priority in Antarctica?

Science is the number one priority in all of Antarctica.

Supervisors should consider their number work related priority as?

Safety Controls

What is the number one priority?

Priority is what needs to be done, now. A priority for all of us is staying alive. Otherwise we'd be dead. (Learned something?)

What is the correct sentence of I worked always priority?

'I worked always priority' is a clumsy phrase that will not make a suitable sentence. Try: My work has always been my priority. The work is always my priority. That I worked was always my priority. My priority is always that I work.

What does most important?

The same as top priority. The number one concern.

What does most important mean?

The same as top priority. The number one concern.

What is the number one priority in any survival or rescue situation?

Personal safety.

How can someone get priority rewards from their work?

If one travels for work and stays overnight in hotels, then one can get rewards from Priority Club. Joining this club gives one access to their special in-hotel perks. Points may also be gained by shopping at some of their partners.

Which country made reconstruction its number one priority after World War 1?


Why it is important to recognise and use culturally appropriate and safe work practises in the work place?

At work - your number one priority - is the safety of you and your colleagues. Safe working practices ensures both you and your cohorts do not put yourselves in danger while carrying out your daily tasks.

How do you make a dish appealing?

The number one priority with all food is taste, appearance and smell.