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Q: When Michelle woke up yesterday the temperature was 72 degrees F By lunch time the temperature had risen 15 degrees F By dinner time it had fallen 22 degrees What was the temperature at dinner time?
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What is the roman word for dinner?

The Roman word for dinner is "cena."

What are 4 living and 4 nonliving animals in 1 ecosystem?

4 predators and 4 prey that the predators have killed for their dinner!4 predators and 4 prey that the predators have killed for their dinner!4 predators and 4 prey that the predators have killed for their dinner!4 predators and 4 prey that the predators have killed for their dinner!

Where can you browse different designs of Corelle dinner sets?

You can browse different designs of Corelle dinner sets online at the Corelle website. Once on the website, you can browse by style and view all available designs of Corelle dinner sets.

What are a few examples of adverbs?

Almost any word ending in ly. Thus kindly, slowly, etc. They modify/describe verbs, adjectives, or other adverbs. They "want" to be verbs but aren't.Examples:abruptly; wickedly; lightly; delicately; wittingly; endlessly; eternally; vibrantly; firmly; fruitfully; wearily; smartly; fervently; vainly; financially; willfully; widely; importantly; cheerfully; weirdly; delicately; wrongfully; wholeheartedly; delightfully. Adverbs can tell four things: Manner (How was it done?), Place, Time, and Degree.'John smiled uneasily.' Uneasily shows the manner of how John smiled'I eat dinner here'. Adverbs of place are often confused with nouns. 'Here' tells where he eats dinner.'I watered the plant yesterday'. Again, be careful not to confuse adverbs of time with nouns. 'Yesterday' tells when he watered the plant.'He is very mean'. 'Very' tells the degree of his meanness

What is the area of and ordinary dinner plate?

An ordinary dinner plate has a diametre of 32cm, which gives it a radius of 16cm a= pi * r2 a = 804 cm

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What temperature is a hot dinner?

27 degrees Celsius

What time is it when you use a fork yesterday?


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I would find it difficult to believe that Santa did not have dinner yesterday. I understand he is often on a diet, but that still allows him to eat and Mrs. Claus makes sure he always has a balanced diet.

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Can you give a sentence using the word served?

I served dinner to everyone in my family yesterday

What is the cooking temperature?

it depends on whats for dinner.

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Do you need personal chauffeurs at manahhan NY.?

mother-"Michelle, dinner's ready" Michelle- 'what are we having?' mother - "chicken and peas!" Michelle- "well i hope the chicken doesnt pes hahhahhahaha" mother- "uh that's not funny so stop trying fiddo"

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"Hey, mom, what is for dinner?" "I am baking yesterday's stew in a pot pie."

Can a New England boiled dinner be frozen?

Anything can be frozen, so yes. The thing is that some things freeze better than others, so you may have to thaw the boiled dinner and reheat it on the stove or in the oven until the internal temperature of the protein is at least 145 degrees Fahrenheit for proper food safety.