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If I'm reading the question correctly I belive your starting number is 14 which is then divided by 7 to make to.

You then mentioned twice the remainder which is 4 then you say whats the remainder when that number (4) is divided by 7.

This suggests your looking for the answer 4/7.

4/7= 0.571 to 3s.f

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โˆ™ 2013-01-20 11:57:49
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Q: When a certain number is divided by 7 the remainder is 2 what is the remainder when twice that number is divided by 7?
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How are even and odd numbers different?

Even numbers can be divided by 2 (with no remainder) while odd number can not be divided by 2 (with no remainder). 4 is an even number (2 into 4 goes twice) 5 is an odd number (2 into 5 goes twice with a remainder of 1)

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Twice with a remainder of seven or 2.875

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How Thrice a number divided by 4 is equal to twice a number?

Simple! The number is 0.

What is seven divided by twice a number?

three times a number decreased by eleven

What number can be divided by 6 without a remainder but when divided by 2 3 4 5 or 6 leaves 1?

Not possible ! No single number will match allof your criteria ! Additionally - you've used the number 6 twice in your question - bothconditions can't be true !

What is the answer in Twice a number less than three in algebraic?

Thrice A number divided by five is three

How would you right eight divided twice a number?

There has to be a wrong before it is righted!

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Twice with a remainder of four

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What does remainder mean in a maths way?

Some numbers divide evenly. 12 divided by 3 equals 4. Some do not divide evenly and produce what is called a remainder. 5 goes into 12 twice, with two left over, so we say 12 divided by 5 equals 2, remainder 2.

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141 ÷ 51 = 2 remainder 39

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An LCD is a positive integer. But any integer can can be expressed as a fraction : as the same number divided by 1. Or twice the number divided by 2, etc.

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8 divided by ( n x 2) = q

Twice the square of a certain positive number is 144 more than twice the number What is the number?

(92 x 2) - (9 x 2) = 162 - 18 = 144 The number is therefore 9.

What is twice the quotient of a number m and 35?

m divided by 70

18 go into 38?

Twice with a remainder of two

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Twice with a remainder of 27

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Twice with a remainder of 7