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An experiment

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Q: When a hypothesis is developed what is often designed to test the hypothesis?
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What does a scientist make to test a hypothesis?

An experiment is designed to test the hypothesis. To create an experiment, you have to first think of the what materials are needed, and then develop a procedure.

How do you support a hypothesis?

You obtain objective evidence to support it by undertaking experiments designed to test the veracity of the hypothesis.

Is a hypothesis developed by determining a way to test multiple uncontrolled variables?


What does a scientist designed to test a hypothesis?

experiment, in the scientific method the hypothesis is tested through experimentation and if confirmed is called a theory :D

Is this true A hypothesis is developed by determining a way to test multiple uncontrolled variables?


Who developed the IQ test?

the first IQ test was designed by Alfred binet in 1904

What should you do after you form a hypothesis?

test your hypothesis.

Is a hypothesis is a decision based on the results of the experiment.?

No. An hypothesis is an idea put forward to explain an observation. Often you do the experiment to test the hypothesis. The results of the experiment may help you decide whether to discard your hypothesis or to test it further.

What step of the scientific method immediately follows the hypothesis?

-_- figure it out u need to be smart -_-

After making observations and proposing a hypothesis a scientists next step is usually to?

...perform a scientific experiment designed to shed light on the hypothesis.

Why have a null hypothesis?

Statistical tests are designed to test one hypothesis against another. Conventionally, the default hypothesis is that the results were obtained purely by chance and that there is no observed effect acting on the observations - ie the effect is null. The alternative is that there IS an effect.

What is a way to test a hypothesis?

A way to test a hypothesis is by creating an expirement.