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When the corner angles are right-angles (90 degrees)

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Q: When are parallelograms rectangles?
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Are some parallelograms rectangles?

In fact, some are rectangles, but not all are.

Are all rectangles parallelagrams?

Yes, all rectangles are parallelograms. However, not all parallelograms are rectangles.

Are all parrellelograms rectangles?

No. Only some parallelograms are rectangles. But all rectangles are parallelograms.

Can a parallelogram also be a rectangle?

Some parallelograms are rectangles; all rectangles are parallelograms.

Are there some parallelograms that are rectangles?

All rectangles are parallelograms, so yes there are some.

Is every property of parallelograms also a property of all rectangles?

Yes. All rectangles are also parallelograms, but not all parallelograms are rectangles.

Is there a rectangle that isn't a parallelogram?

No. All rectangles are parallelograms. However, not all parallelograms are rectangles.

All rectangles are parallelograms. are all parallelograms rectangles explain.?

All parallelograms are not rectangles. The angles of a parallelogram need not be right angles and so the figure need not be a rectangle.

Are all parallelograms and rectangles the same?

No. Rectangles are parallelograms with all right angles, while parallelograms just have 2 sets of parallel lines.

Can parallegrams be rectangle?

Yes: PARALLELOGRAMS can be rectangles. The difference is that rectangles must have one right angle, so not all parallelograms are rectangles, but all rectangles are parallelograms, by defiinition. Parallegram doesn't define anything in the English vocabulary.

What parallelograms are not rectangles?


Are parallelograms never rectangles?