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No. Only some parallelograms are rectangles.

But all rectangles are parallelograms.

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2011-01-08 23:04:19
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Q: Are all parrellelograms rectangles
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Are squares parrellelograms?

Since by definition a parallelogram is a quadrilateral with two sets of parallel lines, a rectangle is a parallelogram. Since we know that squares are rectangles, we can conclude that squares are parallelograms.

what is the lateral faces of a rectangular prism?

They are all rectangles (or 2 squares and 4 rectangles).They are all rectangles (or 2 squares and 4 rectangles).They are all rectangles (or 2 squares and 4 rectangles).They are all rectangles (or 2 squares and 4 rectangles).

Does all rectangles are squares?

All squares are rectangles. All rectangles aren't squares.

Are all rectangles parallelagrams?

Yes, all rectangles are parallelograms. However, not all parallelograms are rectangles.

Are all squares rectangles but not all rectangles squares?

Yes, all Squares are rectangles, but not all rectangles are squares because it needs to have all equal sides.

Are all rectangles quadrilites?

All rectangles are quadrilaterals.

All rectangles are squares?

No but all squares are a rectangles

Are some parallelograms rectangles?

In fact, some are rectangles, but not all are.

Why are some rectangles squares?

All squares are rectangles also, but not all rectangles are squares, only equilateral rectangles are considered square.

Are all square is also rectangles?

No, but all squares are all rectangles.

Are some rectangles quadrilaterals?

All rectangles are quadrilaterals. A quadrilateral has 4 sides; all rectangles have 4 sides; thus all rectangles are quadrilaterals.

All squares are rectangles.?

Yes, but all rectangles are not square

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