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for example a is numeral 1, b is numeral 2, c is 3, d is 4, e is 5 f is 6 and so on

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Q: When can you use the numeral in writing?
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How do I know when to spell out a number or use the numeral in a letter?

It depends on what you are writing about. answered by a twelve year old

Which metals would not use a roman numeral as part of its name in a compound?

Roman numeral is used to mark valence. If an atom, or metal atom has only one valence, you can spare writing it

What is the rules of writing roman numeral?


Which classical civilization created the decimal system and numeral writing used in the world today?

It was a combination of civilisations. We use the Indo-Arabic system.

How do you writing Roman number 1000?

The Roman numeral for 1000 is M.

Is A a Roman numeral?

The Roman numeral system does not use the letter A.

What is the roman numeral for xcdx?

it would equal 400 but it is the incorrect way of writing 400. the way of writing 400 is CD

Why is it necessary to use Roman numerals in writing the name for the compound FeOH3?

It isn't.There are no Roman numerals in it.Fe = Iron (from Latin 'ferrum')O = OxygenH = Hydrogen3 = Arabic numeral.

What is XXLll?

XXLII is not a Roman numeral as it does not conforms to the rules of writing numerals. If it were a numeral you might suppose that it would represent... (20 less than 50) + 2 which is of course 32 but the correct Roman numeral for 32 is XXXII

What as the first roman numeral use and its value?

If you think to 1 (one) the Roman numeral is I.

What makes a Roman Numeral invalid?

A Roman numeral can be considered invalid due to several reasons. These include using a repetition of the same numeral more than three times in succession (e.g., IIII instead of IV), writing a numeral in a descending order (e.g., XCX instead of C), or using a numeral that is not part of the standard Roman numeral system (e.g., A instead of I).

Is the roman numeral llll still used on modern clocks?

No, the Roman numeral for 4 is IV, not llll. The use of llll is a common mistake, but traditional Roman numeral representations on clocks and other time-related devices use IV instead of llll for the numeral 4.