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positive to positive

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Q: When charging a battery is is negative to positive or negative to negative?
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Related questions

Where is negative battery terminal on a citroen?

The negative battery terminal is on the battery. They don't have a wire coming from it like they do the positive. For charging purposes, the engine block acts as the battery ground. When disconnecting the negative at the battery, the negative terminal usually has a black wire and the positive has a red.

What could happen if you are charging your battery and put the negative on the positive and positive on the negative?

It could explode, getting battery acid all over you and anyone else nearby.

What is the correct connection when charging a car battery?

Black negative red positive.

What does the lead sulfate change to when charging a battery?

As the battery charges, the negative plate changes to metallic lead, and the positive plate change to lead dioxide.

How do you connect a battery charger?

the red wire goes to the positive + side of the battery the black wire to the negative - side of the battery if the battery has caps on the top loosen or remove them while charging

What does the warning light that is a box with a positive and negative like a battery mean?

Charging system voltage is too high or to low.

Where to connect negative clamp when charging battery?

Negative battery or jump start post.

How is the battery trminals hook up positive to positive or negative to positive?

Positive to positive, negative to negative if you are asking about installing one battery in a vehicle.

What does AC-DC conversion and battery charging mean?

The voltage in your house is AC. It is in the form of a sine wave that goes positive and negative 60 times a second. To charge a battery you need DC so you do an AC to DC conversion and then apply the DC to the battery charging circuit that applies the correct charging current to the battery and checks on the state of the charge.

Can you leave the negative cable wire off the battery when trickle charging?

It is a good thing to disconnect the negative battery cable when charging, so no damage can occur to the car's computers.

Is battery flow from Positive to negative or negative to positive?

negative to positive,electrons to protons

Why does a cell have a positive terminal and a negative terminal?

A cell has a positive terminal and a negative terminal because of chemical charging of positive and negative ions.

Why should a car battery's positive terminal be connected first for charging?

Batteries vent Hydrogen gas. You should always connect the positive battery cable first to avoid a spark at the battery that could cause the Hydrogen to explode. The negative cable should never be connected to the battery negative post. It should be connected to another ground area on the engine.

Does the positive end of a battery go to the positive or negative end of the terminal?

The positive end of a battery goes to the positive end of the terminal. In retro spec, the negative end of a battery goes to the negative end of the terminal.

What direction is direct current?

Outside the battery, it is negative to positive and inside the battery it is positive to negative.

How do you charge the battery on a 2001 dodge stratus se?

Connect a battery charger to battery positive to positive negative to negative

What is a positive terminal on a battery?

There are 2 battery terminals. A positive or hot and a negative or ground. The positive is slightly larger than the negative.

What is the positive terminals in charging a battery called?


Is red positive or negative on a battery?

red is positive on a negative ground system

How do you hook up battery on a gmc 1995 Yukon?

Positive (Red) to positive post on battery. Negative (Black) to negative post on battery.

What happens when you inadvertanly crossed the positive battery terminal from a negative to a positive and a positive to a negative.?

What happens when you inadvertently crossed the positive battery terminal from a negative to a positive and a positive to a negative.?Read more: What_happens_when_you_inadvertanly_crossed_the_positive_battery_terminal_from_a_negative_to_a_positive_and_a_positive_to_a_negative.

Where does the wires go when installing alternator on 1980 Datsun 280z?

Red Positive goes to Battery Positive and the small lead goes to the ignition light bulb in the dash which Will be negative until starts charging which will be positive and the light will go out

How do you hook back up a car battery?

Connect the Positive + battery cable to the positive + battery post first. Then connect the Negative - cable to the negative - battery post.

What terminals do you use to charge a motorcycle battery?

The terminals are marked + plus for positive and - for negative. The charger normally has one red and one black wire with clamps, the red is for the positive and the black for the negative terminals. Be careful to check that the battery has the proper level of electrolyte and distilled water mix before charging it. Charging time depends on the state of the battery. Some old batteries may be nonchargeable. Be careful as batteries contain acid, ideally wear gloves and goggles.

How do you install a battery?

take a small wrench and undo the positive and negative battery cables from the posts. take the old battery out and put the new one in place of the old one, and reconnect the positive to the positive post and the negative to negative.

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