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A larger sample size gives more statistical validity. Since there is usually some variation among members of a group (whatever group you may be studying) it is useful to use a large enough group that the random variations will tend to cancel each other out, giving an accurate average. If you just studied a single individual or a single object (whatever it may be, let us say a single pebble) you have no way of knowing whether this individual or object is typical or atypical.

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Q: When designing an experiment a benefit of a larger sample size would be more what?
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When designing an experiment a benefit of larger sample sizes would be more?

Accurate estimates of various statistics.

What is the benefit of using a large sample size in an experiment?

Statistically the larger the sample size the more significant the results of the experiment are. Chance variation is ruled out.

How does sample size affect the validity of an experiment?

The sample size has no effect on the validity of an experiment: instead, it is the experimental procedure and integrity of the experimenters.The sample size can affect conclusions that may be drawn from an experiment. The larger the sample is, the more reliable these conclusions are.

Why would having a larger sample size be a better idea than having a samll sample size when doing an experiment?

less bias and error occur when sample size is larger

When using the distribution of sample mean to estimate the population mean what is the benefit of using larger sample sizes?

The variance decreases with a larger sample so that the sample mean is likely to be closer to the population mean.

Why is having a larger sample size be a better idea than having a small sample size when doing a experiment?

1. Better chance of uniform sample. 2. Material for confirmations if needed.

How does sample size affect the experiment?

The sample size determines the accuracy of results in an experiment

What is a experimental sample?

An experimental sample is an experiment that is just a sample of what you are looking for.

How do a control sample and an experimental sample differ from each other?

A control sample is the experiment under regular conditions. An experimental sample is the experiment in which different variables are changed.

What is a sample space for an experiment?

It is the set of all possible outcomes of the experiment.

Each individual outcome of an experiment is called the sample space or sample point?

sample space

The set of all possible outcomes of a random experiment is called?

Sample: The answer is called Sample space.