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It was one of the first songs he wrote (in 1958) but was not released until 1967.

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Q: When did McCartney write when I'm sixty four?
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Did the beatles write im down?

I'm Down is credited to Lennon/McCartney - although it was mainly written by Paul McCartney.

Why did paul McCartney write the song when im 64?

He Wrote it 4 his dad, Jim McCartney, when he was 18. Then It soon Bcame a beatles song

Who wrote the song maybe im amazed?

paul mccarthy "Maybe I'm Amazed" was written by Paul McCartney.

'Just So You Know' by Jesse Mccartney?

im spinnin' outta control :]

Is timmy McCartney dating anyone?

no he is not, im 1 of his close friends i would know

Who werethe 4members of the beatles?

Ringo Starr, (richerd starrkey) paul McCartney, (James paul McCartney) john Lennon, (he has a middle name but i 4got it) and george harrison. i knew that and im 11! im sorry but if you didnt know that then you not that smart.

How do you write word name for 4.26?

im pretty sure that it is four and twenty six houndreds thanks for looking this up

Is when im sixty-four a ballad?

It is a ballad. It is John & Paul saying to their loves "I'm going to accept you then, will you accept me? Sounds like love to me. Makes me think of the love between Paul McCartney and his deceased wife Linda. He hung in their with her right to the end. Then there is the love between John Lennon and Yoko Ono. Not everyone approved of John's choice, but their love brought them through to the end. A love between a man and a woman.

Does Jesse McCartney drink?

I dont think he is an alcoholic but im sure he has a drink every now and then!!!

Who sings baby im amazed oooooooahhhh?

Paul McCartney sings "Baby I'm Amazed".

Who wrote the maybe im amazed?

paul mccarthy "Maybe I'm Amazed" was written by Paul McCartney.

If you write him will he write back?

Im sure he will just write something nice that he loves im sure he will he will respond