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mathalets from the 3rd century in 130 ad from babylonian discovered that pi equals 3.14567789870989977890.....

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Q: When did mathematicians first start calculating pi?
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What mathematicians first used pi?

William Jones

Which mathematicians first used the symbol pi?


What is the first mathematician to come close to calculating pi?

Archimedes was the first Western mathematician to make a serious attempt at calculating the value of pi. His estimated, that pi was between 3.1408 and 3.1429.

Which mathematicians first used the symbol for Pi and why?

William Jones in 1706

Why did the mathematicians first used the symbol pi?

It was a cool looking greek letter.

Why did the first mathematicians use the symbol of pi?

It was a cool looking greek letter.

Who first calculated value of pi?

Archimedes (287-212 BC) was the first to have had a serious attempt at calculating pi.

Which math maticians first used the symbol pi and why?

It was the ancient mathematicians of over 4000 years ago who then wrongly determined that the circumference of a circle divided by its diameter was equal to 3 But then as now the true value of pi has never been accurately determined but the method of calculating it remains the same.

What is a mathematicians favorite dessert?


What are the different works done by mathematicians about pi in different intervals of time?

The first mathematician to work with Pi on geometrical projects was Archimedes in the year 287. Newton later followed, using Pi in calculus in the 1600s. Modern day mathematicians that have used Pi in computer applications are Brown, Bellard, and Woon.

Name any 3 Indian mathematicians and their life story?

Notable Indian Mathematicians are Aryabhata, Ramanujam, Bhaskara, Sakuntala Devi, Panini, Brahmagupta. Aryabhata combined astrology and mathematics. He was the pioneer of calculating the value of pi and place value system. He believed Earth's orbit as elliptical.

Did pi ever solve a problem?

The constant "pi" 0,314159...... is used in every branch of science, from calculating material quantity for domes in construction to calculating absorption properties of new substances in chemistry. To calculate the circumference of a circle = c = 2(pi)r The area of a circle a = (pi)r² you can also use the formula (pi)d to find the circumference Although pi has solved countless problems, no problem has ever been solved with whatever pi equals EXACTLY. Therefore, when using pi to solve a problem, the majority of mathematicians and scientists round pi down to 3.14