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Q: When dividing by monomial's what is the first step to take to simplify the expression?
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How do you simplify this circuit?

To simplify a circuit you must first find a Boolean expression for the circuit and then apply Boolean algebra to take it down to the simplest form, to implement the fewest gates.

How do you change algebraic expression into mathematical phrase?

first of all you need to simplify it in the form of a+b

There are three monomials such that the greatest common factor of the first and second monomials is 2xy and the greatest common factor of the second and third monomials is 2x2y?

The possibilities are infinite. One set: 1. 2xy 2. 2x2y 3. 2x4y

Which step must be done first to simplify this expression 19-3 5-4 plus 1?

To put a plus or minus sign with the digit 5

How do you simplify cube root of n multiplied by -93 but keeping n in the equation?

First, this is an expression, not an equation. As far as simplifying it, it's pretty much simplified as much it can be.

How do you symplify radical expressions?

Suppose the expression under the radical sign is y. Then the first step is to simplify y. Next find a term (or expression) x, such that y = x^2*z for some term (or expression) z. Then x*sqrt(z) is a simplification of sqrt(y).

How do you simplify algebra expressions?

You must combine like terms. Then, if you can, simplify it further.9x+67+34+2x+16xyFirst, you do 9x+2xNow the expression is:11x+67+34+16xynow do 67+3411x+101+16xyThere is no more like terms to simplify so 11x+101+16xy is your simplified expression.

How can you simplfy the sum of a fraction?

First you add the fractions, then you see if you can simplify the result. You simplify it just as you would simplify any other fraction.

How do you expand and simplify double brackets?

You need to get rid of the brackets first and then simplify it from there. Hope i helped

What are similar terms in maths?

That refers to terms that have exactly the same combination of variables. For example, in 5xy + x2 - 3xy, the first and last term have the same variables, so they are similar. You can simplify an expression by combining such terms.

Cells that are not dividing remain in what phase?

The Cell that are NOT dividing Remains in the first growth phase or G1

Simplify the expression a3b2a2b?

12a2b2 (the numbers are multiplied: 3*2*2=12, the a's are multiplied: a*a=a2, and the b's are multiplied: b*b=b2; the prodeuct of the numbers is listed first, and then the variables in alphabetical order)

What amendment guarantees free expression?

The first amendment protects freedom of speech or expression.

What expression starts with first?

first try

Factor the trinomial. Factor out all common monomials first 25x3 - 60x2 32x?

If that's + 32x, the answer is x(5x - 8)(5x - 4)

What is the first step for simplifying the expression?

First tell me the expression, then I'll tell you what the first step is in simplifying it.

What is an expression that begins with the word first?

First come, first served

How do you make 0.64 into a fraction?

first you put it as a fraction: 64/100 then you simplify it by dividing it by 2: 32/50 then you can divide it by 2 again: 16/25 thats your answer

What is one - half added to three tenths?

First change 1/2 into 5/10. Then add 5/10 and 3/10 which equals 8/10 Simplify: 8/10 by dividing the 8 by 2, and the 10 by 2: 4/5 is the answer.

How can you write 14 over 20 as a decimal?

yes, but you have to simplify it first..

What is the first emotional expression of infants?

Disgust appears first

Who did the Germans kill first in the Holocaust?

holocaust is an expression used after the war there was no such expression during the war

How do you Give the probability in simplest form?

First you have to give the probability as a fraction. Then, you can simplify it by dividing the numerator and denominator by a number until it is reduced to the simplist terms For example, 40/50 can be reduced to 4/5 chance- but it is still the same

What are first 15 prime numbers By dividing by 2 and by 3?

You cannot find the first 15 prime numbers by dividing by 2 and 3. This method would not identify 25 as being a composite.

What do you do when you are dividing a fraction?

When dividing a fraction you leave the first fraction as it is and you change the second fraction into a reciprocal (flip the fraction). Once you have changed the second fraction into a reciprocal, then you would simply *multiply the two fractions together. Once you multiply the two fractions then that would be your final answer. Dont forget to simplify! And remember if the fractions are mixed numbers before you do anything you must change the mixed numbers into improper fractions first! hope this helps! *If you dont know how to multiply fractions then thats a different question

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