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Q: When dividing mixed numbers why is it important to estimate the quotient first?
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What the freak is a quotient?

a quotient is answer you get from dividing two numbers.

When dividing two numbers what is the answer?

The quotient

Is quotient subtracting or adding?

Quotient is the number you get when dividing two numbers.

What do you call the result of dividing two numbers?

The quotient

What is the result of dividing two numbers or expressions?


The result obtained by dividing two numbers?


What is the quotient of two numbers?

it is the answer while dividing divisor from divident

The result of dividing two numbers or two expressions?

A quotient.

What is the meaning of dividing integers?

It is the same thing as dividing whole numbers in order to find a quotient.

How is dividing decimals and dividing whole numbers the same?

If you are making use of long division method, the process of dividing a whole number is actually a subset of the process of dividing the decimals. While dividing both you may get a quotient with decimal places. Some exceptions to this do exist in case of whole numbers. Like when you are dividing 100 by 2, the quotient 50 has no decimal places.

How do you find the quotient and then check your answer?

quotient is the answer to a division problem so after dividing, to check your answer, you need to take the quotient and multiply it to one of the given numbers.

Can you tell without dividing a number how many digits are in the quotient?

No, because a quotient requires two numbers. Given the two numbers it is quite easy to work out the number of digits in the quotient.