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A polynomial of degree zero is a constant term

The grouping method of factoring can still be used when only some of the terms share a common factor A True B False

The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: When do rods work best?
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What curtain rods work best with blackout curtains?

A curtan rod that is strong wll work great.

How big can rods get to?

There are old rods, good rods, and super rods, and super is the best.

Do wooden lightning rods work?


How lightning rods work?

they work by getting lightning to zap them

Do lightning rods work?

Yes, scary :/

How can I find the best examples of classic hot rods online?

The best examples of classic hot rods online can be found on the hot rods website fans. It can be found on the local car retail sellers websites aswell.

Will Acura Integra rods interchange with D16 rods?

What engine is in the integra? Is it a B18? Is so the aswer is no unfortunately for you. b18 rods will work in a d16 block and crank. the rods of the same length as d series rods but you will have to notch the bottom of the sleave and have to use a bushing to make the b18 ls rod to work on a d series piston. So the answer is yes

How do your eyes work?

Your eye has cones and rods that are stimulated by light.

What is the best curtain rod to use for a double crescent shower?

They make double cresent shower rods. These have two rods.

What rod do you have to use to catch feebas in Pokemon diamond?

use a good rod. Old rods and super rods won't work.

Are curtain rods best put into the wall with screws are nails?

Curtain rods are best mounted with screws. Usually the kit will contain all the screws you'll need for the job.

Need to know if brc 61 connecting rods will work in 350 chev motor and if they are 6 rods?

yes brc 61 rods will work in a small block chevy motor. there come in diffrent rod lenghts . i have a set of 5.7brc rods. you can goggle brc for spec. on all there rods but there dont make rods or cranks any more,just pistons. if you would like to buy the set that i have ,i would sell them to you. cheap! you can email me at

How do shadow puppets work?

by joints and string wire and also rods

What is the best way to make a strong graphite rods?

build one

Do rod or cone cells work better in dim light?

Only rods contain the chemical that allows us to see in the dark - rhodopsin - which is bleached out in light, but recharges in the dark. Rods are most concentrated on the edge of the pupil, which is why we see best at night with our peripheral vison.

Where is the best website to buy connecting rods?

Summit Racing is a good choice.

Does anyone know where I can buy new curtain rods?

The best place to buy curtain rods is a store such as Homebase. Homebase sell a wide range of home furnishings and decorations, including curtains, curtain rods and curtain rings.

Why is rigs of rods not loading?

well, if you have a mac computer rigs of rods will already work terrible, it will glitch your files and mess up your computer. Your issue is you have an outdated version of rigs of rods, so the file pack was not made for the version you currently have

How many rods are there in 160 rods?

In 160 rods, there are 160 rods. This is a funny question.. ha ha ha. not.

What curtain rods look best with various types of curtains?

Stainless steel curtain rods tend to match almost any type of curtain.

Which metal is the best for surgery?

Well, as a neuro surgeon, i use rusty iron rods how about you

Why is it best to look slightly away from an object when the light is dim?

because the receptors are not rods

What rods housed within a nuclear reactor?

fuel rods and control rods

Where the best place to buy fishing rods?

The best place to buy a fishing rod and gear is Bass Pro Shop.

Did the work of Benjamin Franklin lead to a deeper understanding of the world?

Yes. i.e. lightning rods