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When doing fractions, you may cross multiply.

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Q: When do you cross multiply to solve an equation?
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How is a proportion changed into a mathematical equation?

a proportion is an equation. a / b = c / d cross multiply: ad = bc then solve

How To Solve A Proportion?

To solve a proportion, you cross multiply. For example, if this was the proportion: 2/4 = 3/x, you would multiply 2 with x and 4 with 3. The products will be used in your next equation. In this case, your next equation is 2x = 12. Now you want to isolate x, so divide by two for both sides. Your answer will be x = 6.

What is the answer to this equation 100 over 87 is equal to Y over 4200?

cross multiply to solve: 100 x 4200 = 87 Y solve for Y by doing 420,000 divided by 87, which equals 4828 (rounded off)

In order to solve the following system of equations by addition which could you do before adding the equations so that one variable will be eliminated when you add them?

Multiply the top equation by -3 and the bottom equation by 2.

How do you solve for missing sides in similar figures?

set up a proportion. cross multiply. solve

How do you solve equation x over 7 equals 2?

Multiply both sides of the equation by 7.

How do you find the value of a variable of a proportional ratio?

Cross multiply then solve for the variable.

How do you solve equations involving fractional coefficients?

multiply the whole equation by the number in the denominator

What is the number that you would multiply one or both of the equations -4 equals 5y equals 6 -6x-y equals 8?

There is no need. The first equation can be rearranged to a simple equation in just y. Multiply it by 0.2 to solve for y. Substitute the value of y in the second equation and rearrange to get a simple equation in x. Multiply by (1/6) to find x.

Who to solve math matrix and deteminents in math?

determinents - you cross multiply and find the difference.

What should be done to both sides of the equation in order to solve equals -12.4?

Multiply by 4

How do you solve the equation Mx plus Nx equals Px?

you multiply m n p

How do you solve differential equations?

I assume that you mean that you are given a differential equation dy/dx and want to solve it. If that is the case, then you would multiply by dx on both sides and then integrate both the left and right sides of the equation.

How do you solve augmented matricies?

The short answer, multiply on both sides of the equation by the inverse of the matrix you need to remove. Just like solving 3x = y for x. Multiply on both sides of the equation by 1/3.

28 is 112 percent of what?

Set up your equation 28/x = 112/100 (that's 28 divided by x = 112 divided by 100). Then you can cross-multiply (giving you 2800 = 112x) and solve for x (which in this case is 25).

How is distributive property used when solving an equation?

When applying distributive property to solve an equation, you multiply each term by term. For instance: a(b + c) = ab + ac

How do you solve rational equations?

The details really depend on the equation. It often helps to multiply all parts of the equation by a common denominator, to get rid of the fractions.

How do you solve 1 percent of what number is 3?

1/3 100/x. Then you cross-multiply.

What is x if x over 1 point 2 equals negative 7?

cross multiply you lazy bumAnother AnswerSet up the equation and solve: x/1.2 = -7 (next divide both sides of the equation by 1.2 to solve for x)x = -5.8333

How do you find the value of x in the following 10 times x 73?

You cannot solve an expression. You need an equation or inequality.You cannot solve an expression. You need an equation or inequality.You cannot solve an expression. You need an equation or inequality.You cannot solve an expression. You need an equation or inequality.

What two number multiply to 196 and add up to negative 28?


How do you solve this equation x equals 9 minus 5 plus 5 multiply 0 plus 3?


What do you do when you have a negative variable?

When you have a negative variable in an equation that you are trying to solve for, you multiply each side of the equation by -1. If it is an inequality such as <, you would flip the sign to > and vice versa.

What is the math term VEST?

variable equation solve it test it

What is variable proportion?

When I say number, I am also including variables and variables with a coefficient (terms). You Have to Cross-Multiply, and then solve algebraicall

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