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When the sum of all the positive integers in the sum is exactly matched (in magnitude) by the sum of all the negative integers.

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Q: When do you get a sum of 0 in adding integers?
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What is the sum of the first 201 positive integers?

The sum of the first 201 positive integers is 20100 if you include 0 (i.e. from 0 to 200). If you sum the integers from 1 to 201 instead, the sum is 20301.

What is the result of adding an integer and it's opposite?

The result of adding and integer and its opposite is negation. A + (-A) = 0 For all real integers. It has the effect of adding 0 to a sum. Example: 32 + 16 + (-16) + 5 = 37 = 32 + 0 + 5.

What is the rule for adding integers that have the same sign?

The sum is positive.

How do you find the sum of all the positive integers of a number?

By adding whatever you mean with "integers of a number".

What is the term for two integers which sum to zero?

Two integers which sum to zero (e.g. 3 and -3) are additive inverses of each other. All pairs of additive inverses sum to 0 and all pairs of integers which sum to 0 are additive inverses.

When adding two negative integers - is the sum always positive?

No, always negative

Does adding integers with a common sign result in a sum with the same sign?

Yes, it does.

What 3 consecutive integers have a sum of 0?

-1, 0, 1

What is the sum of integers from -5 to 5?

Zero (0).

The sum of 2 integers is 0 the difference of the 2 integers is 16 what are the integers?

8 and -8 8+(-8)=0 8-(-8)=16

When adding two integers how can you tell if a sum will be positive negative or zero without actually adding?

if your negative number is higher than your positive number your sum will be negative. if it is 0 i think that's pretty easy to find out yourself. ex: -5-3 = -8

What can you say about sum of two negative integers?

It would stay always stay negative if you're adding 2 negative integers.