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Adding decimal same as adding whole numbers

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When adding or subtracting decimals always do what?

First you write the decimals one under the other, in such as way that the decimal points are aligned.

What is the first step when you are adding and subtracting decimals?

Write them one above the other with the decimal points aligned.

How is adding and subtracting decimals similar to and different from adding and subtracting whole numbers?

You write down the numbers you want to add and subtract, making sure the decimal points are aligned. Then, you add (or subtract) EXACTLY as you would add or subtract integers. The decimal point in the solution should be aligned with the decimal points in the original numbers.

How do you write seventy five in decimals?

75.00 is how you write it in decimals

Write two equivalent decimals for 8?

0.80, 0.800. You can make more by adding 0's to the end of the number.

How do you write fifty hundredths out of decimals?

To write out fifty hundredths in decimals, you would write it as 0.50

How do you write decimals as numbers?

Decimals are numbers.

What is the answer write two decimals that have a difference of 16.825?

What is the answer write two decimals that have a difference of 16.825

How do you write two decimals that are equivalent to the given decimal 2.200?

write two decimals that are equivalent to the given decimal 2.200

When you Write ma fraction as a decimals you write decimals Of fractions?

Restate the question: If you can write a fraction as a decimal, can you write a decimal as a fraction?Yes.

Why is it helpful to write a number as a product of primes?

Because it helps in reducing fractions to their simplest terms and finding the lowest common denominator when adding or subtracting fractions

What is another way to write decimals?

you can put it in decimals or fractions or in a percentage

How do you write decimals?


How do you write 9.4 in decimals write form?


How do you write 9 tenths in decimals?

You write it as 0.9

Who invented adding and subtracting?

Addition and subtraction are prehistoric, they were used before man could write, even som animals addd and subtract (raven, crows, apes, etc.)

How do we write 6 hundredths in decimals?

6 hundredths in decimals is expressed as 0.06.

How do you write decimals in words?

To write decimals in words, write out the numbers and units. For example, 0.34 is thirty-four hundredths 5.6 is five and six tenths

How do you write 12.4 in decimals?

to write 12.4 in decimal = 12.4

How do you write forty-nine thousand and forty-nine?

it depends on wether your talking with or with out decimals, if using decimals its 49,000.49 if your not talking with decimals than you would write 49,049

How do you write ten in decimals?

It is 10.

How do you write equivalent decimals?


How do you write 352 in decimals?


How do you write 6.13 in decimals?


How do you write 156 in decimals?