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You can multiply the answer to see if it's right. same with multiplication, addition, and subtraction. Multiplication, you divide, to check addition, you subtract, and subtract, you add.

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Q: When doing a math problem dividing how can you check your problem?
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What is Worlds longest math dividing problem?

1 divided by 3

Do You add after doing parentheses when simplifying a math problem?

removing the parentheses in a math problem

What does check mean in math?

In math, check means to check your work by reversing the problem and making sure it works out.

In a math problem what is parenthesis?

Parentheses is when you are doing an equation, and you solve the problem.

Do you know what MATH RULES is?

Math rules depend on what kins of problem you are doing.

How does Math relate to beauty?

Unless your math problem has anything to do with adding, dividing, multipling, or subtracting any beauty products then I don't know.

When you are doing a math problem do you do what is in the parentheses?

Yes, you do that first.

How do you work out the difference maths problem?

by doing math

What is an estimated math answer?

An estimated math answer is one that is guessed based on what you know without actually doing the problem.

Is doing math problem in your head work?

No ,doing math in your head is called mental math ;which is only used if you were to be skip counting or any other thing's hopefully i answered it pretty good.

What is 42 x 54 equal?

* this math problem should not be here but ill answer it anyway the aswer to this math problem is 2268 you should look at a caculator its faster than doing .

What does gain mean in a math problem?

Gain means to subtract in a math problem because if you were doing a math problem and it said to gain (loose) 9-8=1 so that would be your answer

How can you stop being so careless while multiplying in math?

Read each problem twice before you start - that forces you to stop and think. Then, after you multiply, check your answer again before turning it in. You might also try doing the problem backwards to check it -- divide the answer by one of the other numbers and see if it works out.

What are math jingles?

Multiplying fractions is no problem top times top bottom times bottom. Dividing fractions is easy as pie, flip the second fraction and multiply. Your welcome!!!!! (: that is one math jingle.

How do you use the word Revelation in a sentence?

"He had a revelation of the math problem he was doing",said Bob.

How do you do math simulation problems?

Just answer the problem by actually picking numbers from the solution and doing it.

What does z equal in algebra?

In algebra z is a variable. What z equals would depend on the math problem you're doing and what the answer to that problem is.

What is a reciprocal in math fractions?

A reciprocal is when you take the second fraction in a division problem and flip it Then change the sign to multiply. THIS ONLY WORKS WHEN YOU ARE DIVIDING FRACTIONS!

What in math?

math is adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, angles and more

What is the latest issues in math?

the latest issues in math is dividing or multiplying.

What is 724 divided 6?


Do you round a number to the ones or tens or hundreds place?

Well it depends on what math problem your doing.

What is dividing by a number the same as?


How do you get the mean in a math problem?

the mean, also known as the average is calculated by adding up all the numbers together then dividing that by how many numbers you added together.

How can you tell if a power represents a root?

as with any step in math, you can check by doing the opposite operation.