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Both. One side of the equatioo loses energy and the other side gains it.

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Q: When energy is released from a reaction is the value positive or negative?
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Is free energy of cell reaction positive when emf of cell reaction is positive?

G = -nFE Therefore, G will be negative when EMF is positive.

What type of reaction is exothermic reaction?

The reaction in which energy is being released, and the overall energy change (enthalpy) is negative.

Where is the energy which is released during a chemical reaction stored to begin with?

In the electrostatic forces between the positive atomic nuclei and the negative atomic electrons.

How do you know if a reaction is entropy driven enthalpy driven or driven by both enthalpy and energy?

If the ∆H is positive and the ∆S is positive, then the reaction is entropy driven. If the ∆H is negative and the ∆S is negative, then the reaction is enthalpy driven. If ∆H is positive and ∆S is negative, then the reaction is driven by neither of these. If ∆H is negative and ∆S is positive, then the reaction is driven by both of these.

What is the difference between positive catalyst and negative catalyst?

The substances which increase the rate of a chemical reaction are called a Positive Catalyst whereas The substances which decrease the rate of a chemical reaction are called Negative Catalyst. Positive Catalyst decreases the Activation energy of reactant molecules whereas negative catalyst increases the Activation energy of the reactant molecules. Positive Catalyst is also called the Promoter whereas negative catalyst is also called Inhibitor.

Is thermal energy negative or positive?

exothermic heat is negativeA different opinion:Heat itself cannot be negative. An exothermic reaction is a chemical reaction wherein a substance gives up heat. Since the substance is giving up energy in the form of heat, the enthalpy change of the substance is negative.

Does energy flow positive to negative or negative to positive with magnets?

positive to a negative

What happens in an endergonic reaction?

An endergonic reaction is a chemical reaction in which the standard change in free energy is positive.

Differentiate a positive catalyst from a negative catalyst?

A positive catalyst is a catalyst which speeds up the rate of a chemical reaction by lowering its activation energy. A negative catalysts slows the rate of a chemical reaction or makes it less likely to occur.

Does energy flow through the negative or positive of a battery?

Negative side

Is the energy in your hair positive or negative?


According to the Gibbs free energy equation G H - TS when is a reaction always spontaneous?

when H is negative and S is positive