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When the value indicated by the circle is a valid value for the inequality.

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what do you mean by that
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Q: When graphing inequalities when do you have a closed circle?
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Related questions

When graphing inequalities when would you hove a closed circle?

When the value represented by the circle is part of the solution set.

Which do you use an open circle or closed cirle for graphing inequalities?

A closed circle is when a range of numbers also includes that number and an open circle is when a range of numbers doesn't include that number, :)

When graphing circles how do you know which way to shade the line?

When graphing inequalities you use a circle to indicate a value on a graph. If the value is included in the solution to the inequality you would fill in the circle. If the value that the circle represents is not included in the solution you would leave the circle unshaded.

How do you know whether to use an open circle or a closed circle when graphing an inequality?

If the inequality is > or< then it is an open circle. If it is greater than or equal to or less than or equal to, it is a closed circle.

When do you use an open circle and a closed circle in graphing an inequality?

I dunno an who cares! we use closed circles when we include the number on which it is and if we dont want to include it then we use open circle

How do you know whether to use an open circle or a closed circle when graphing an inequality and why?

An open or closed circle are used to graph an inequality in one variable. An open circle is used if the value at the end point is excluded from the feasible region while a closed circle is used if the value at that point is within the accepted region.

When graphing a system of inequalities the line is dotted for the?

strict inequality

When is slope-intercept form useful?

its useful in graphing! equations, inequalities, ect pretty much graphing!

What are the three steps to graphing inequalities?


What is the purpose of graphing a circle?

Truthfully the purpose of graphing a circle helps to show the points in a data set. If you're also going to shade, by graphing a circle you save time in functionality to figure out what and where your data sets will be.

Why is graphing a systems of inequalities a good way to show the solution set?


When graphing inequalities which inequality line is solid?

The line that includes whatever variables are included in the equation.

What are the uses of linear inequalities?

In question and answer logic answers are given and if they fall in an area bounded by the inequality then it is a good answer. After graphing three or more inequalities the vertexes are the possible maxima of the system of equations.

How will you decide when to use an open circle or close circle when graphing?

we use open circle

What types of equations or inequalities describe points x y that lie on a circle?

Linear equations or inequalities describe points x y that lie on a circle.

What is the difference between a dashed line and a solid line when graphing inequalities?

its different because they both repersent something.

Can you graph a circle on a graphing calculator?


What is the feasible region in linear programming?

Linear programming is just graphing a bunch of linear inequalities. Remember that when you graph inequalities, you need to shade the "good" region - pick a point that is not on the line, put it in the inequality, and the it the point makes the inequality true (like 0

What are the seven graphing essentials?

Essentials for graphing will depend on the type of graph used. For example a bar graph has five essential components. These are the title, labels, scales and bars. A circle graph only has three essentials. These are the circle, the title, and the key.

How many pages does The Closed Circle - novel - have?

The Closed Circle - novel - has 432 pages.

How is graphing a circle easier than ellipses?

Compasses make the job much easier!

When graphing inequalities when do you shand upward and when do you shade downward?

Shade upward if the inequality involves a "greater than" comparison. Shade downward if the inequality involves a "less than" comparison.

When was The Closed Circle - novel - created?

The Closed Circle - novel - was created on 2004-09-02.

How do you know whether to use a open circle or a closed circle?

If points on the circumference are excluded from the locus then an open circle, else a closed one.

What is the ISBN of The Closed Circle novel?

The ISBN of The Closed Circle - novel - is 0-670-89254-8.