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No. The service disconnect must be within sight or within 25 ft. of the AC motor.

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Q: When inexpecting an air conditioner an electrical disconnect is required in sight of the grounding rod?
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When inspecting an air conditioner in many areas an exterior electrical disconnect is required in sight of the?

condensing unit, elecric panel, electrical service enterance, grounding rod

When inspecting an air conditionerin many areas an exterior electrical disconnect is required in sight of the A condensing unit B electrical panel C electrical service entrance D grounding rod?

D, In California an unfused disconnect switch shall be installed within sight of any grounding rod as per NEC code for the following reasons: A) To definatively locate the grounding rod, B) To allow for service including troubleshooting, removal for cleaning and/or replacement of a defective grounding rod during periods of unstable atmospheric activity.

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It is an electrical code requirement that every service must have a grounding system.

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