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Q: When information is measured and converted to a stream of numeric values it is said to be?
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What is the procedure for value stream mapping?

Value stream mapping is a tool that helps you to see and understand the flow of material and information as a product or service makes its way through the value stream. Value stream mapping is typically used in Lean, it differs from the process mapping of Six Sigma.A value stream map will take into account not only the activity of the product, but the management and information systems that support the basic process. You will gain insight into the decision making flow in addition to the process flow. The basic idea is to first map your process, then above it map the information flow that enables the process to occur.For more info:

Is stream up a compound word?

No. Stream up is not a compound word.

How many syllables are there in the word stream?

Stream has one syllable.

Algorithm for conversion from prefix to infix?

The belt-and-braces technique is easy enough: > > prefix_to_infix(stream, stack) > if stack is not empty > pop a node off the stack > if this node represents an operator > write an opening parenthesis to stream > prefix_to_infix(stream, stack) > write operator to stream > prefix_to_infix(stream, stack) > write a closing parenthesis to stream > else > write value to stream > endif > endif > endfunc

What is the definition of river mouth?

A river mouth is a portion of a stream where it merges with another stream. Note that here the definition of stream is not "a small river", but "any flowing current within well defined banks."

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What stream characteristic is measured by the size of the largest particle that a stream can move?

The measure of the largest particles a stream can carry is capacity.

What is the average velocity of this stream as measured by the virtual stadia rod and velocity sensor?


Depleted uranium load in a patient is measured by the uranium level in what?

The Blood Stream and Mind

What are input output streams in c plus plus?

The term stream is a generic abstraction that says nothing about the implementation. However, if we use the analogy that gave it its name, a stream of water, we can better understand how a stream works. A water stream allows water to flow from one point to another in one direction only (downstream, with the flow of the current). If we were to throw a stick into the water, it would be carried downstream by the water where it could then be extracted. Sticks can be inserted or extracted automatically by devices, thus allowing information to pass between those devices.A file stream is a stream that is associated with a device representing a file. If the file is upstream then we can use the stream to extract information from the file. When we extract information from a stream, that stream is known as an input stream; it provides us with information. Conversely, if the file were downstream then we can use the stream to insert information into the file. When we insert information into a stream, that stream is known as an output stream; it carries information away from us.An input/output stream is one where we can both insert and extract information. An input/output file stream is a typical example: we can extract data from the file associated with the stream, process the data (modify it in some way), and then insert the modified data back into the same file. To implement an input/output stream, we simply use two streams associated with the same device: one specifically for input operations, the other specifically for output operations. This implementation detail is hidden from the user, so the stream appears to be a bi-directional stream as far as the user is concerned.

Where is prostate antigen?

Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) is found in the blood stream. It is measured to detect possible prostate problems.

Why all the carbohydrates are converted into glucose to give energy?

so that it will be simple and become easier to be absorbed int o blood stream.

Where can one find information on stream paradize?

There are a number of online services that offer metrics about various websites that provide information about Stream Paradize. These services include w3snoop, Theme Craft, and Kazeo.

Does a stream with a shallow or no slope have a high or low gradient?

low slope and gradient are the same thing - just measured in different units

What is RSS and how to use it?

RSS is (Really Simple Syndication) or (Rich Site Summary). It is usually used to take information from a source, the information is then put into a stream. The stream of information (the feed) can then be used to be displayed on a web page or certain applications. If the information changed in any way at the source then the feed is updated and new information will be present.

What is co2 blood level?

CO2 in the blood stream can be measured from bicarbonate in the blood or pCO2 (partial pressure). Normal CO2 measured from bicarbonate is 22-28 mEq/L Normal pCO2 is 35-45 mmHg

What are the units of stream discharge?

It could me any measure of volume per time. In the USA it is commonly measured as Cubic-Feet per Second.

How do you stream free movies without giving credit card information?