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When all its sides and angles are equal.

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Q: When is a shape a regular shape?
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Related questions

Is an square an irregular shape or regular shape?


Is a rectangle a regular shape?

no it isn't a regular shape

What is regular and irregular shape?

regular shape is a shape that has same sides irregular shape is a shape that has diffrent sides

Is an eclipse a regular shape?

yes an eclipse is a regular shape

Does a regular shape has equal sides?

no a regular shape is the well known form of that shape eg: a square is a regular quadrilateral

Is a trapezium a regular shape?

A trapezium is considered to be a regular shape. The trapezium is referred to as a regular polygon which has all sides equal.

Is the circle a REGULAR or irregular shape?

The circle is an irregular shape because all of it is curved. * * * * * No. A circle is a regular shape. It is not a polygon and so cannot be a regular polygon but that does not prevent it from being a regular shape.

Is a oval a regular shape?

No. An oval is a streched out circle. A circle is not a regular shape.

Is a square a regular or organic shape?

No, a square is not a regular shape. However, it is considered to be an organic shape. Another organic shape is the prism.

Is a square a regular or irregular shape?


Is semicircle a regular shape?

No it is a irregular shape

How can you tell a shape is regular?

A shape is considered regular when all sides are of equal length.

Is a pentagon a irregular shape or regular shape?

A 5 sided pentagon can be a regular or an irregular polygon.

What does an oblique shape look like?

It is a shape that is not regular.

Is a kite a regular shape?

It depends on what shape the kite is.

What do you call a shape that does have equal sides?

A regular shape.

Is hexegon regular shape?

A 6 sided hexagon is only a regular shape if it has 6 equal sides otherwise it is an irregular shape.

Is a circle a regular shape?


Is circle a regular shape?


Is a trapezoid a regular shape?


Is an ellipse a regular shape?


What is the name of a 2d shape with equal sides?

A regular shape. ( square -regular rectange-, regular pentagon, regular hexagon, equilateral triangle etc. etc.)

Is a kite a regular shape or not a regular shape?

A regular polygon must have all its sides equal and all its angles equal. The only regular quadrilateral is a square.

Is a square an irregular or a regular shape?

A square is a regular shape. It will have four sides of equal length, and a right angle (90 degrees) in each corner.

Is a rhombus a regular shape?

yes No it is not. All the angles of a regular shape must be the same and that is not the case with a rhombus.