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it should be adjusted when you finish that stupid online health class

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Q: When is it time to adjust your formula levels?
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When is it time to adjust your FITT formula levels?

When your body adjusts to your current FITT settings.

What do you do if chlorine in saltwater pool is high?

Adjust your chlorine generator levels.

What causes high pH levels in pools?

The nature of gunite pools is the make up of the gunite - it has lime in it. It has high alkaline levels. Also, the make up water may have high levels of alkalinity. Adjust your pH and adjust as needed with muratic acid and monitor your alkalinity by using a test kit.

Which way do you turn to adjust the headlights on a 1998 dodge caravan?

Tools required are a 4mm socket to adjust the lamps with the bubble levels located on the headlamp assy.

How do you adjust the color or remove a color cast in photoshop?

You can adjust color from Image - Ajustment - Levels, or Curves for color cast see related link below.

When balancing a chemical equation what do you adjust?

You can only adjust the amount of a substance by adding a coefficient in front of the chemical formula. If there is no coefficient, it is understood to be 1.

How do you adjust a time delay in PowerPoint?

You can adjust the time delay in PowerPoint in animations. It comes with each animation you apply.

If my pool is cloudy do you raise or lower pH of a pool?

I would first increase the time the pump runs to 8 to 12 hours. Then adjust the chlorine levels to 3.0 to 5.0 ppm or higher. Run the pump/filter 24/7 until you reach crystal clear water quality. Then as the chlorine levels drop to below 3.0 adjust the pH and total alkalinity.

What is the formula to convert voltage levels to decibels?

Here you find the formula to convert voltage levels to decibels. Scroll down to related links and look at "How to calculate dB?"

How do you adjust the parking brake on a 1995 Mazda 626?

The majority of time if you adjust the rear brakes it will adjust the park brake.

Does this microwave have a timer on it?

Yes this microwave does include a timer. It also has a special sensor that can adjust cooking time and power levels for favorite foods. Yes, this Whirlpool microwave does have a timer on it. You can set it and it will ring telling you that the time is up.

What does a recording studio engineer do?

Adjust the sound levels from all sources to fit a "master" tape.

What does Excel do when a formula is copied into a cell?

If auto-calculation is turned on, it will calculate the formula and display the value. If the formula is composed of relative cell addresses, it will adjust the formula cell references relative to the current location.

How people adjust to new community?

no the people could not adjust in new community because it take more time to adjust in new community.

How to time a Pontiac parriesian?

adjust the distributor

What formula that excel use to adjust the cell reference as it to the destination area?

relative cell reference

Formula for time?

The formula for time is t=d/v

What does Levels do in Photoshop?

The Levels command adusts the intensity levels of the color values in a picture. For example, you can boost the brightness or dark values, adjust the gamma bias, or limit how dark or bright a photo can be by adjusting the triangles underneath the graph or b&w gradient. You can adjust the entire picture at once, or by individually adusting the Red, Green, and Blue colors that make up a picture.

What is the standard dose of lithium prescribed for someone with bipolar disorder?

depends on weight and they have to test blood levels to adjust it.

Can you adjust the brightness settings on the 3ds?

Yes. The 3DS has 5 levels of brightness as well as a power-saving mode.

What is the formula for time in physics?

Time does not have a formula. The second is a base unit in time measurement.

How many functions can be nested with the same formula in MS Excel?

You can nest up to 64 levels of functions in a formula in Excel.

How many nested IF statements can you have in a Excel formula?

Excel 2003 = 8 levels of nesting Excel 2007 = 64 levels of nesting

When balancing a chemical equation can you adjust the number that is subscripted to a substance formula?

No, changing the subscript changes the chemical

How can you improve your pictures using Photoshop?

You can adjust the brightness levels/exposure/gamma of the image, or parts of the image, adjust the saturation, adjust the color balance (ie. how much of a color is in the image), remove or replace unwanted objects/artifacts, touch-up imperfections, and crop your images.