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Q: When is long hand quicker than short hand?
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When is longhand quicker than short hand?

Longhand is typically not quicker than shorthand, unless the person is not skilled at short hand. Shorthand was invented to be faster than longhand.

Is screen printing quicker than printing by hand?


What are some reasons people started making things in factories instead of by hand?

it was quicker than hand.

Why do hand fractures take a long time to heal?

Six to eight weeks. Depends on the fracture.

Why is an hand axe different than an axe?

an axe has a long handle and held in both hands. a hand axe has a short handle and held in one hand.

Why would a hand saw be quicker then a portable elecrtic saw?

I suppose it would be quicker if you were on a site where electricity was a long way off, and the handsaw could cut the object in shorter time than bringing an electric cable and saw.

Would an equally wet black short dry quicker than a white one?

Yes because black absorbs more heat than white therefore making the black one get more sunlight quicker so it dries quicker.

What are the benefits of the sewing machine?

Less callouses than sewing by hand plus it's easier and quicker.

What is the Difference between betamethasone and betamethasone sodium phosphate?

Betamethasone sodium phosphate is a short acting compound whereas Betamethasone acetate is a long acting compound. The salts for these compounds are different. The sodium phosphate solubilizes MUCH quicker than the acetate, giving them the short/long acting characteristics (respectively).

Does than have a long a sound or a short a sound?

short a

What are the benefits of a push pass in hockey?

They are quicker to execute and more accurate than hits and sweeps over short distances.

What were short term effects of the transportation revolution on the economy?

The short term effects were that goods could be transported quicker and cheaper than before, and there were more ways to do so.