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Q: When is the dot filled in on a number line?
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What does a filled in dot mean on a number line?

It means that the number is equal to more or less of that number.

What is a line called with a filled dot on each end?

A line segment.

What is the graph of a number?

A dot on the number line that represents the location of the number

How do you graph an integer on a number line?

you put a dot on the number.

Explain why the line x4 is a vertical line?

x = 4 is the set of all points where the x coordinate = 4 On a number line, it's easy to graph. You simply place a dot on the number 4. When you extend that number line along the y axis, the dot extends, as well, into a line.

What does the medical abbreviation dot over horizontal line over vertical line mean?

The marks you're describing represent the number 1 in a prescription. The horizontal line and dot are to help prevent reading errors.

Who can sign the dot form mcs-150?

The DOT form MCS-150 must be filled out in order for a business to be assigned a USDOT number. The only person who can sign the MCS-150 form is the owner or sole prioprietor of the business that is applying for the DOT number.

What is the difference in meaning between a dot and an empty circle on a number line graph?

a filled in circle/dot means "greater than or eaqual to/less than or equal to" (depending on which way the arrow is pointing. an empty cirlce means only "greater than/less than". the greater than/less than symbol with the line under it will indicate the filled in circle. the normal greater than/less than symbol willl indicate the hollow cirlce

What is the difference between open bracket and closed bracket in limits?

( ) is a<x<b, ( ] is a<x<=b, [ ) is a<=x<b, [ ] is a<=x<=b. If there is no [ or solid bracket then there isn't a filled in dot, meaning that that number is not included. There is only a filled in dot when there is a solid bracket.

Graph x is lesser than 4?

Open dot at 4 and a line going to the left on the number line.

3 rows of 3 dots Start with your pencil on one of th dots without lifting the pencil draw four straight lines that connect all the dots How do you do it also?

Okay!Here Are Your Nine Dots In Number Form:1 2 34 5 67 8 9Now, start at dot 3and draw a line through dot 5 to dot 7.Now, draw a line from dot 7 leading to dot 9, but go over dot 9.After that, draw a line joining from the end of the previous line to dot 2, but going over dot 2 to be in line with dot 1:And Last Off, Draw a line going from the previous line though to dot 7. Finished (:

Can you find pi on the number line?

Only approximately. Since pi is an irrational number, it cannot be expressed numerically, but only symbolically. You can put a dot on the line very close to where pi would be, but if the scale of the line were magnified enough, there would always be some error in the placement of the dot.