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The fifth Power of Five book will be released on the 4th October 2012 and will be called Oblivion

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When is book five power of the five coming out?

in 2089

When did the last Power of Five book come out?

The final Power of Five book, Oblivion, was released on October 4, 2012.

Is there a sequel to necropolis the power of five book?

As yet, there are no sequels. But if you really like the author, Anthony Horowitz, you might like some of his other books. There's also a graphic novel adaptation of the first book in the Power of Five series. It's coming out in August 2010.

When is fablehaven book five coming out?

march 23, 2010.

Is there a sixth wimpy book coming out?

no only up to five

When is the power of three book sunrise coming out?

The book comes out April 21st 2009.

Is there a book five in the missing series?

Yes the book it called Caught. There will be seven coming out I love these books

Is there going to be another power of five book?


When is the Diary Of A Wimpy kid book five coming out?

I think sometime in November...........

When is the book after Necropolis in the Power of 5 series coming out?

the next book will be set in Dubai,UAE

When is the power of six book by pittacus lore coming out?

The Power of Six will be available in August 2011.

What is the name of the third book in the power of five series?


When is the next you are number 4 book coming out?

Book four, The Fall of Five, is slated for an August 27, 2013 release.

When is the last book of the power of 5 coming out?

Do you mean POWER OF THREE? Well, Sunrise already came out.

What is the name of the first book in the power of five series?

Ravens Gate

What is the name of the second book in the power of five series?

Evil Star

When is the 4th power of three warriors book coming out?

eclipse will come out sept. 2

When is the eclipse by Erin Hunter the fourth book in the power of three series coming out?

It is already out.

What is the name of the fourth book in the power of five series?

Necropolis (city of the dead)

When was the fifth book from The Power of five series published?

It was released in Autumn 2012.

What is the sequel to six sacred stones?

The next book is Five Greater Warriors and is coming out in October or something....

In your tft display is not coming but power is coming?

power is coming display is not coming

When is the fifth book of the gatekeepers coming out?

Antony Horowitz said he is in the middle of writing the next book but no one knows the release date. it may take years. the fifth book is coming out soon janury 13 the book is called the power within.

When is the book 5 in the Power of 5 series coming out?

its already out. but it did come out 11/25/08

When will the next kingdom keepers book be coming out?

April 2, 2011 its called Power Play