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Q: When is the substitution method a better method than graphing for solving a system of linear equation?
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Can a graphing calculator be used to solve any quadratic equation?

For the most part it can. if you have a TI-83 or better, you can use the solver under your math button. All you have to do is plug in the equation that is set to equal zero!

What are the pros and cons of using the substitution or elimination method in equations?

A pro for solving equations through graphing can allow one to visualize problems which can allow one to make better sense to the problem. However, fractions, and decimals can be very difficult to plot accurately. Furthermore, solutions could fall outside of the boundaries of a graph making them impossible to see with a graph. A pro for solving equations through either the methods of substitution and elimination allow one to achieve an exact answer regardless of fraction, decimal, or integer. However, by using these methods one will have a more difficult time with visualization without the use of a graph.

Describe a system of equations that would be better graphed using graphing technology?


What way is better for solving problems in a relationship together or alone?


Which is better the Ti-85 or Ti-83 graphing calculators?


What are two symbolic techniques used to solve linear equations and which do you feel is better?

Elimination and substitution are two methods.

Explain the process of using graphing technology to solve a system of equations Describe a system of equations that would be better graphed using graphing technology?

This looks like a question from a Virtual School course - please ask you teacher for help and use the examples in the lesson.

What is the equation for photosynthsis?

chocolate is better then vanilla

Can whipping cream be used as a substitute for light cream?

You can do anything you like in cooking. However, this particular substitution is not ideal. Whipping cream is a heavy cream, not a light cream. A mixture of whipping cream and milk would be a better substitution.

Why is graphing data often better than just leaving it in a table like the one at this activity?

One reason would be that you can see trends in the data.

How does playing an instrument make1 better at math?

Playing an instrument has been attributed to better problem solving skills. This is very helpful in the solving of complex math equations. For this reason and many more Learning an instrument is beneficial to young minds.

If fx is a parabola then how would you go about graphing it?

I would draw up a simple table -5 -4 -3 -2 -1 0 +1 +2 +3 +5 +6 Then substitute these values into the equation and that will give you pairs of coordinates which you can plot. Of course, the numbers you choose for the top row of your table (the x values) will depend on the actual equation. This set of numbers I have showed above may not fit. If you care to give an actual example, I can give you a better answer.