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World Maths Day is in March.

The 2011 World Maths Day was on Tuesday March 1st.

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Q: When is world maths day celebrated?
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Why is world maths day celebrated?

because maths my dear friend is so cool and it rocks basically its celebrated cause everyone knows maths is so cool GO MATHS!

When is mathematics day celebrated?

World Maths Day is held on the first Wednesday of March.

When is international maths day celebrated?

Every year First Wednesday in the month of march is celebrated as World Math day

When is maths day celebrated?

a educational answer

Why is maths day celebrated?

Maths day is celebrated due to it being made by important people like this Greek mathematican called Pythagoras of Samos. He invented The maths 'Pythagoras Theroem'. We celebrate it to remember who made maths a important subject.

When is maths day celebrated in India?

on 22nd december

When is the next world maths day?

Every year in March there is world maths day.

When is world maths day 2012?

World Maths Day in on a Thursday the 7th March.

When the maths day celebrated?

March 14 3.14 pi~

Is worlds maths day 2011 over?

World Maths Day 2011 and World Spelling Day 2011 ended on March 3.

Which day is celebrated as World customer day?

15th March is celebrated as world customer day.

Are there any cheats to world maths day?


What can you win in world maths day?

nothing :)

Are there any world maths day cheats?

No, there are no world maths day cheats but if anyone apart from me tells you there is then don't believe them because they don't work. Only I know if there is any because I am the one that organises world maths day!

How do you register for world maths day 2010?

World Maths Day 3 March 2010 - Registrations open 1 Feb 2010

When is world peace day celebrated?

World Peace Day is celebrated on the 21st of September.

When is the world earth day is celebrated?

The world earth day is celebrated on 22nd April.

World no tobacco day is celebrated on?

World no tobacco day is celebrated on 31st of May.

When is World Science day celebrated?

World Science Day is celebrated on 28th February.

When world asthma day is celebrated?

World asthma day is celebrated may, 4.

World Environment Day is celebrated on which day?

This Day is celebrated on 5 June

What is the date of world maths day 2010?

Hi, World Maths Day is scheduled for 3rd March in 2010. This event is organised by the makers of "Mathletics".

Why is World Aids Day celebrated?

the world aids day is celebrated because in that day we do something for the patient of aids

When is world maths day?

3rd of March 2010

What are some cheats for world maths day?