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Q: When measuring the mass of a man what unit would you use?
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What unit would you use to measure the mass of a TWIZZLER?

the answer to that is unknown to man kind

What unit would you use to measure a weight of a man?

A Newton. Not a kilogram, which is a measure of mass, not weight. And cetainly not pounds or stones which are not only measures of mass but are used by few countries.

What do 80 kilogram mean?

kg (kilogram) is a unit of mass. 80 kg is roughly the mass of a man.

What would be best for measuring weight grams or kilograms?

It natters what you're measuring, for you kilograms would be better, because 1 kilogram is about 2.2 pounds. A 175 pound man would weigh 79378.66 grams and 79.38 kg so obviously a gram is good for something with a small mass.

What are the measuring units for mass?

u measure it in grams man yh u get it

Origin of the word volt?

The word "volt" comes from the man who created the standard of measuring this unit of electrical pressure, Allesandro Volta.

How man pounds is 800 kg?

It is 1763.696 lbs (approx.). Kilogram is the SI unit of mass and pound is an imperial unit of mass. To convert from kg to pound, multiply the kg unit by 2.20462.

What are the advantages of using a man hand as a unit of length?

You will always have your measuring device with you. The problems is that everyone's hands will be different sizes and it will only work for you.

A man who weighs 12 kg on moon will weigh on earth?

The kilogram is a measure of mass, not a measure of force. His mass will remain the same (i.e. 60kg) regardless of the gravitational field he is in. But as the moon has a weaker gravitational field than the Earth the bathroom scales that stopped at 60 on the Earth will stop at 10 on the Moon.

Which unit would you use to measure the height of a man?

I would use meters.

What is the mass of a regular man in kilograms?

A healthy man of average height would weigh about 75kg.

What is the pounds per square foot of a 200 pound man?

Unfortunately, this question is unanswerable. Pounds per square foot is the imperial unit for density. Density is the amount of mass for a unit volume. Since you have provided only the mass of the object, and no volume, the Density cannot be determined.