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a positive... for example: -5x-5=25

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Q: When multiplying 2 negatives what will your result be?
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Do 2 negatives equal a positive yes or no?

Yes, when multiplying or dividing two negatives the result is a positive number.

Does a negative squared equal a positive or negative?

A negative number squared equals a positive number. When multiplying, odd numbers of negatives result in a negative answer, and even numbers of negatives result in a positive answer.

Why does the number of negative factors affect the signs of the product in math equations?

Multiplying or dividing a positive and negative gives a negative result. Multiplying or dividing two negatives gives a positive result.

What do two negatives equal two?

When combining (adding) two negatives you get a negative. When multiplying two negatives you will get a positive.

Two negatives equal what?

It is said that two negatives equal a positive when multiplying them with coefficients.

What is the answer to -27 times -2?


What does -5 x -3 equals?


Is a negative timesa negative times a negative a positive or a negative?

A negative times a negative times a negative (NxNxN) is a : Negative!!! Negative times a negative is positive. A positive times a negative is a negative. Remember if you are multiplying an odd number of negatives irrespective of the number of positives, it is always a negative. If you are multiplying an even number of negatives then the answer is a positive. EX: -2 x -1 x -2 ( 3 negatives so answer is negative) 2 x -2 -4 -3x-5x-1x-1x2x1 ( 4 negatives so answer is positive) 15x1x2 30

What is 11234 times 2?

The result of multiplying 11234 by 2 is 22468.

What is 11 x 2?

The result of multiplying 11 x 2 is equivalent to 22.

What is the result of multiplying numbers called?

The result of multiplying numbers is called the product.

What is the result of two negatives?

A positive.