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Yes, when multiplying or dividing two negatives the result is a positive number.

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Q: Do 2 negatives equal a positive yes or no?
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Do 2 negatives in a fraction equal a positive?

If you mean negative numerator and negative denominator then the answer is Yes.

Does 2 negatives equal a positive?

No 2 negatives do not equal a positive because for example. : -2 + -2 = -4. You can see that when you add these 2 negative numbers right here they equal to another negative number.

When do two negatives equal a positive?

When multiplied. Such as -2*-2=4

Is positive divided by negative negative or positive?

Yes, when a positive is divided by a negative, it is negative. ex: 4/-2 would equal -2. It takes two negatives to make a positive in math when you are multiplying or dividing.

Does two positive equal a negative?

Multiplying and dividing two negatives does equal a positive. Adding two negatives equals a negative, but subtracting two negatives may or may not equal a positive. Ex. -2 * -4 = 8 -10/-2 = 5 -2+ -4 = -6 -4- -2 = -2 -2- -4 = 2

When you multiply 2 negatives numbers do you get a positive number?


What two factors of 4 give you a sum of -4?


In subtraction 2 negatives equal what?

if the first negative is samller than the second its positive but if the first one is a larger number than the second then its a positive

What does 2 negatives make?

a positive

When dividing 2 negatives is the answer a negative or a positive?

negative the answer is positive!!

When you have 2 negatives do you add?

yes because it is the same as adding positive (it is easier to use a numberline)

What is the sign of the product of 6 negative integers and 2 positive integers?

The product of 2 (or more) positives is positive. The product of 2 negatives is positive. So product of 6 negatives = 3*(product of two negatives) = product of 3 positives = positive. So overall sign is positive.