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First you change them into improper fractions. Then you multiply the numerator and the denamanator straight across. ;)

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Q: When multiplying two mixed numbers what do you do first?
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When multiplying two mixed numbers the reciprocal of the second mixed number must be used true or false?


Can two mixed numbers be less than 1 why or why not?

No itโ€™s can not be a number less than one because a number times one get you the same number

Product of two numbers?

Is the result of multiplying two numbers together.

When adding two numbers you get a sum but when MULTIPLYING two numbers what do you get?

the PRODUCT :)

How is multiplying a decimal by a whole number the same as multiplying 2 whole numbers?

It is not. When multiplying two whole numbers you need not be concerned about placing the decimal point in the answer.

When multiplying two numbers the answer is what?

you get a product.

What two numbers get 63 by multiplying?

the two numbers to equal to 63 is 9 and 7.

What is product of two numbers?

The product of two numbers is the answer to multiplying the two numbers together.

The result of multiplying two numbers?

The product

Can you always find the LCM for two numbers by multiplying them Why or why not?

No. You can always find a common multiple by multiplying two numbers together. It will only be the least common multiple if the numbers have no common factors other than one.

What are the rules of multiplying odd and even numbers?

Multiplying two odds together gives an odd result Otherwise multiplying one even and one odd, or two even numbers together gives an even result.

What makes 16 by multiplying two numbers together?

the two numbers to equal 16 is 4 and 4.

Which numbers when multiplied by 5 gives an odd numbers?

Every odd number. Multiplying two even numbers gives an even number. Multiplying an odd and an even number gives an even number. Multiplying two odd numbers gives an odd number.

What do you call the result of multiplying two numbers?

the product

What is the outcome of multiplying two numbers called?

the product

What number is yielded when multiplying two numbers?

a product

Why cant the sum of two mixed numbers be equal to 2?

The sum of two positive mixed numbers can not equal two because all positive mixed numbers are greater then two can be, 1 1/2 and 1/2

What is the term given to the answers when two numbers are multiplied together?

The result of multiplying two numbers is called the product.

How do I write an improper fraction as a mixed number in its simplest form?

First, you divide the two numbers, then you get the mixed number.Next,you just reduce it.OK

How is the concept of mixed numbers applied to the real world?

Find the sum of two mixed numbers by applying the procedure for adding mixed numbers, Solve a real-world problem by subtracting mixed numbers.

Which two numbers equal 48 by multiplying?

6 AND8

Is the product of two whole numbers called a multiple?

The result of multiplying two whole numbers is called a product. It is a multiple of each of the whole numbers.

Can two mixed numbers fit into two?


When is the sum of two negative mixed numbers an integers?

The sum of two numbers - whether they are negative or not, whether they are mixed numbers or not - is a single number. So they cannot be integers.

What two numbers multiply to 7 and add to 4?